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Posted April 6, 2011 by Molly
I've heard stories from the older cats that there's a red dot bug that they've been trying to catch for YEARS! I didn't see it until today. OMCeek

Allie says it's a trick, but I chased it and chased it. Harry helped me. We didn't catch it, but we scared it off for now.

I think it came out because spring is here. It's warm and sunny, and Mama said I don't have to move to a new house like we did last spring! I don't want to ever do that again!
Tags: red bug
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Harry wrote at April 7, 2011
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I saw that tube!! I couldn't figure out what it had to do with the bug, but if the bug lives in there when it isn't flying around, that makes sense! Daisy you are so smart!
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