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Posted April 10, 2011 by Miska
Mama decided to just write a blog under whichever cat she happens to be signed in under instead of picking one... mol! Today it's me!!

We had an awful storm last night but mama wasn't home for it. She was at work. We all seem to have handled it well. No major fur has been thrown about... although mama thinks someone has been nibbling on Speckle again. Her neck fur looks shorter. Mama KNOWS she can't nibble on the back of her own neck so it's somecat else! And she thinks Speckle might nibble on herself some as the fur on her sides is getting a bit patchy too.

The only noticeable effect from the storm, which was the first mama's seen with hail, is in the azalea bushes out front. They've been beaten pretty bad! They're all droopy now. Hopefully they'll perk back up as that's where my furmom hangs out sometimes! And my brother too. I smelled him this morning but he doesn't talk to me.