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Posted May 2, 2011 by Miles
Ughhh. A cat flu has been going through our house. First Harry and then Allie and then me!

Only I'm 22 so I don't bounce back anymore. I had runny poopies on Saturday night and then threw up so I got scared, and ran to Mama. She petted me until I calmed down and then made a bed for me on the couch with my Cat in the Clover bed and some towels.

Yesterday I ate Fancy Feast and then slept all day on my bed. Today I'm better - I drank stuff 3 times and had my normal breakfast. But dang, I love having a bed on the couch by Mama, so I'm clinging to it so she doesn't get rid of it! MOL

I even have one of her quilts today! I feel very safe here.

Thank you to everyone who purred for me over on Facebook. Since I don't have a profile there, I wrote here!
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Camille Rose wrote at May 3, 2011
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Get well, Miles!
Camille Rose
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