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Friday DB #170
We Are Safe
Posted March 13, 2016 by Friday DB #170
It's been too long since I last posted anything about us kitties. But something big happened this past Friday.

Better start from the beginning...as some of my furiends knows, we have had trouble on and off wif the property manager for years now. He came to see Meowmy a couple of weeks ago and told her she had to get rid of us kitties. He said maybe she could keep one of us and dat she would have to move..She got awefully upset, cried hard and asked him why he was doing this. Think he felt bad finally and said she should talk to this ofur man at the office.

This man, named Tommy, he called her and talked a bit and didn't understand everything going on so made arrangements to come out and have a visit. He did say he would look into things too.

Before we go any further, the property manager had said, its only cats and then Tommy said the cats don't pay the rent..So Meowmy has been very very stressed out.

She wrote letters to her Members of Parliment, The Status of Women, and finally reached out to a long time friend, who is a Doctor of Psychology.

Meowmy has been sick with worry and knew she couldn't let any of us go..her furiend, Marilyn was going to look into how we can get certified up here in Canada as Emotional Support Animals..its so much harder and different up here in Canada..its usually dogs that get certified and not just anyone can have a certified animal.

To make a long story short..the meeting was this past Friday, and let's just say, the property manager will never ever try to bully Meowmy ever again.

We get to stay!! and if and when Meowmy has to move, we all go with her.

Now for some back history on this situation. We moved into our house in May, 2009 (the very day our Bailey was born) and the Metis Federation had care and control of the house. In the fall of 2012, the Manitoba Housing took over the house and Meowmy had to sign a new lease and add alla us kibbies to it, stating our age, names and descriptions.

Cornie, the property manager, has been bulling Meowmy since that time..even tried to get her evicted in the winter of 2012.

But he will never ever do this to us ever again!! The office boss and the Tenant Service Coordinator agreed wif Meowmy, dat we were here longer than them, and we are all grandfathered in!! that means we stay and if and when a family wants our house, then we move to an apartment and we all get to go wif Meowmy (no such fing as no pets allowed for us ever again) and when one of us moves to Rainbow Bridge, Meowm can't replace us wif another.. and thats ok...butt the deal is, when all of us are gone, then if and when Meowmy is ready for another furbaby, then she is allowed to have another one..but only one at at time later on down the road

This is a huge victory for us!!! and Meowmy is ok wif it too Smile
Friday DB #170
For Meowing Out LOUD!!
Posted November 23, 2014 by Friday DB #170
I hasn't been meowing wif my grand furiends fur awhile and I sure do miss it. Been busy wif my new job!! I started an online business, to help feed me and da gurls.

I figured Meowm has all dis material and we need some money, so wif me being da only man in da house, I would try my hand at being an enterpurrner, MOL!!

I have been making catnip mats and even been selling them!! Getting great reviews too.

Trying to make an online store so everyone can see it. I wanted to do a free website, but I think I will have to pay up front fur a year to try it out, that way I have a shopping cart which would take a shopper to the paypal area and they can pay that way safely and securly. Right now its only a facebook page.

otherwise we have all been good. We have found out about more flooring fur da bathroom. As Meowm has to replace that on account of Baileys destructiveness. Anyway, we don't want to use any smelly adhesives and found out about laminate flooring, which snaps together and will seal. We may even be able to put this on top of the old floor. The wood moldings will be easy to fix. Meowm will be looking at some of this stuff maybe this week or next when she can get away to do some shopping.

The girls are going to have so much fun with their colored nails, MOL!!!

When Meowm came home from church she discovered one of us had unplugged the lamp in the livingroom and even bent one of the prongs and now the lamp can't be used!! One thing after another around here ~ Meowm did say, "Thankful none of you were electrocuted"!!
Friday DB #170
Two Furiends Are Angels Today
Posted September 17, 2014 by Friday DB #170
I am in shock and deepely sadden fur two of my closest furiends!!

Ivy and Hobo went to Rainbow Bridge. Hobo lived a god long life. At the grand age of twenty he gained his wings and flys with the Angels now.

Ivy took sick after some routine dental surgery. I am at a loss and in shcok. Her brofurs are grand furiends and so is she!!! I have two new angels watching over me and alla our wonnerfur furiends

As kitties our lives here on earth is short. Can live to be twenty or called to the Bridge just weeks old. Doesn't matter, there is never long enough lives for our furiends and families.

This now makes four furiends in less than one week at the Bridge!!!

Godspeed my furiends!!! I will forever remember and love all of you!!!
Friday DB #170
Strange and weird weather!! The Wasp's are now attacking!! Yes, attacking!! Meowm as walking down the street two evenings ago, when all at once she felt a sharp pain and let out a huge whoop!! Not sure what bit her, if it was a wasp, hornet or what!! Her wrist is twice the size now, very warm to the touch, red and really sore. oh and itchy, too!! So watch out fur dem bugs, careful wathca chase out there, MOL!! They might chasing after you instead, MOL!!

The day before yesterday, yup, same day as above, it was one of the hottest days all summer!! That night we had a huge thunder boomer of a storm!! YUKS!! its kept waking us up, and the wind was howling and the rain was pounding, and the lightening and the thunder was relentless!! And then, last night we got so cold, down to 37F. There was frost in the garden this morning!! YUPPDERS alreadys ~ hope this isn't a sign of things to come

Just think, I have to start getting mai wrm jammies out. Meowm dug thru the container of us kids fall and winter stuff. I jumped in and helped move stuff around fur her to see. Then low and behold I spotted my flannelette jammies, the ones with the basketballs on them. I like this pair cuz its got feeties, helps keep my toes warm, the floor was like ice this morning, MOL!!

So we finally found the warm jammies for everyone and got out the extra blankies, and when we were getting ready ~ the power goes out!! for over and hour!! good thing we have one of dem lights I just tap on and it lights up areas. Got it from the dollar store. Then we could see what we were doing.

What an adventure this week has been!!
Friday DB #170
Another Friday
Posted August 8, 2014 by Friday DB #170
Meowm went to Brandon yesterday. While there she went to a couple of pet stores, looking for different food for my sisfurs.

At Best West Pet Foods she met another kibbie named Friday Smile

She is a girl kibbie, who was abandoned and found on a Friday

 photo b1bfd616-88b2-4786-b09e-8c5a751ad38a_zpsc68ec62c.jpg

Now, how kewl is dat!!
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