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Posted March 20, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

This is a weird day. When mom got up, it was 62* and now it is 46* at 2:14. Weird weather. It has gotten chilly as the winds pick up. The sun is out, but it is still chilly.

Mom opened a few windows for us, but had to shut them. The wind is cold. A weird day indeed.

Mom went to Kroger today, she wishes she would have taken her phone, the bread isle was empty but for 1 pack of burger buns, the cereal isle was just as bad, no meats, plenty of dairy products, no soups, hamburger helper, no paper products at all...lots of people though, mom had to stand in a long line.

PSP was well stocked and told mom they will continue to stay well stocked. Mom picked up a 12 pack of Pro Plan for us just to be safe. We have plenty of kibble for now and are expecting a FF shipment soon.

Mom said a lady on the bus was hollering about 'the end of the world, saying all American's are gonna die and the world will end as we know it'. Mom and other people on the bus just shook their heads...the lady said 'just you wait and see you non-believers'.

Well, I am busy playing chase with Kelsee and Figaro, what fun, Kel still runs pretty fast for an old kitty of almost 17.

Stay safe!!!
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Jax wrote at March 20, 2020
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It's a weird time. Stay safe my friends.