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Posted October 23, 2020 by Loki1610
Today will be the warmest day of the rest of Oct. 75* today and sunny, but kinda windy. Starting tomorrow the temps take a paw-dive down to the upper 40's to mid 50's and some 30's at night.

I am happy to say that mom put her new mattress heating pad on her bed and is it ever warm. Her old one was turned up to 7 and barely got warm, this ew one is only on 4 and mom takes the covers off at night, but I love it. I am on the bed all night.

Sunday is Ben's birthday, so mom went to PSP today on her bike to buy him some new toys. He has this cheese wedge that he loves to play with, so mom got him some more of those and a few others, so we can all share them.

I am off to sit in the window, I just spotted me a black squirrel on the back porch...OH OH...time to go and watch him. I hope I don't scare him....Figaro is also in the window watching and the critter is just sitting and looking.....waiting on mom for snacks.

Have a pawsome day!
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