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Posted October 11, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today was a nice day weather wise. It got to 72*, but it was cloudy and humid. Then right when mom got home from work the rain came.

We did not see any sun today at all. All clouds and rain. After mom got home from work she had to go and pick up her new glasses, so she did that, but she had to walk instead of riding her bike.

There is a squirrel on our back porch and he is fun to watch. He has been sitting there and chattering at me for about an hour. I think he is calling mom to bring him treats...she took out some crackers and he took off with them one at a time, then is back waiting for more. Silly squirrel. Mom can't give him all her crackers, but she did say she would buy him some nuts and fruits when she goes to the store.

Figs also is sitting here with me watching the squirrel. We get a kick out of it. Chatter chatter chatter and then goes away and comes back.

Mom saw some houses decorated for Christmas already. Let's get Halloween out of the way 1st before decorating for Christmas. Lot's of houses are decked out already for Halloween.

Have a pawsome evening~
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