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Posted July 3, 2020 by Loki1610
Hi All

Wow,,,Summer has arrived BIG TIME. We are having a July heatwave right now. Temp is 89*{our high for the day} and the humidity is 57%, it is very sticky here. Mom has all the fans running.

We are having a 4th of July BBQ tomorrow, even though it will be 95*. Our grill is on the porch in the shade. Mom invited her best friend and we also invited our neighbor, Charlie{George's dad}. Mom got burgers, charlie got cole slaw, mom also has chips, Charlie has iced tea and her friend is bringing baked beans.

Mom is out of work due to the Corona Virus, and she is broke, but she is trying to get by, she did get her SS check yesterday, but mom can't pay her rent, she can buy us food though {PHEW, we are happy for that}.

Mom never got sick and we don't know anyone purrsonally who did...do any of you know anyone sick with this virus??? Mom wears a mask every time she goes out.

Us kitties have been fine, playing with one another, but sleeping in the heat {too hot to play}. when it isn't so hot mom allows us to go outside in our tent.

Stay safe!
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Grammy Crew wrote at July 4, 2020
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Hope you enjoy your July 4th grill out. Sounds nice to us. Grammy is hoping to do some grilling to, but it's in the upper 90's again today, in fact they are calling to that all week. Boy is it hot.
Grammy Crew
Tate wrote at July 4, 2020
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Happy 4th!! try to stay cool!
Jax wrote at July 3, 2020
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Happy 4th of July!