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Posted June 14, 2019 by Loki1610
Hi all

Today is nice, at least it is dry and not raining cause we are in for 8 days of nothing but rain. On and off at least and not an all day event on any day.

We went out in the yard and Figaro found some fish-flies to chase around. It hasn't even been that hot and humid so mom has no clue why they are are here right now. Not as many as there usually are. Kelsee said they cover the building when there are a lot.

That little squirrel came for treats and mom put me and Figaro in the house. Not nice. We wanted to play chase with it. Mom said it is better safe then sorry cause if we rile up the squirrel he might bite one of us.

He took some snacks from mom's hand today. he was very impatient waiting for her to fill the bowl, so he grabbed at her hand. Mom thought it was pretty neat!

Hope you all have a nice evening!~

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Kibbles wrote at June 15, 2019
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Best to leave the squirrel alone and enjoy it's treats. You can go outside later. Has a great day.