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Posted January 1, 2021 by Loki1610
Happy New Year

Today I got yelled at 2 times already. 1st time was when I went after Kelsee{hey I only want to play chase with her} Mom says she is old and I must respect that. 2nd I jumped on top of the entertainment center and knocked down moms snowmen she has up. I hate being the "Golden Boy". I am only 4 years old and have a ton of energy to get out of my system.

On a brighter note. We did get our Delectables as a treat for New Years. Oh meow, they were fantastic. I finished mine and went from dish to dish looking for more, but everyone ate theirs all up, except for Kali who wanted no part of it, so mom have hers to me.

I got to sleep and cuddle with mm last night, she even had her arm over me while I slept and I was purring away. I love to cuddle.

Have a great day!
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