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Waiting for food
Posted March 13, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Mom is home all day today {but she does want to go to the store}, we are waiting for UPS to deliver our cat food from petco. Chewy's order never arrived. FEDEX just doesn't deliver right in Detroit. Mom called Chewy and made a complaint and they called FEDEX,,,not too sure what happened, but mom cancelled our order and FEDEX can ship it back to chewy now. We were supposed to have it last TUESDAY....today is FRi.

It is sunny and windy here today. It is 45*. Not too bad a day. Mom said it is still too chilly to open windows or the back door, so I just sit in the window.

There was a squirrel sitting on our back porch this morning in the sun. Just laying out there on the rail enjoying the sunshine...me and Figgy were enjoying that.

Today is little Figgy's dopty day! he has been with us for 1 year as of today. Mom put a pic on FB. Mom said it doesn't seem like 1 year already. Time flies.

Have a pawsome afternoon~
Rainy/snowy day
Posted March 6, 2020 by Loki1610
Hi everyone

Today it is a weird day. We had snow flurries then sprinkles and a combo of both and it is just 34* outside today. Mom said March is a funny month....I believe her.

It is supposed to be almost 60* next week. At least we hope no more snow comes hard and sticks to the ground, but you never know do you?

For mom's lunch she made bacon and she shared some with me. She know i love bacon. She over cooked a few pieces for herself and that is what i got. Mom like wiggly bacon.

I had a bad case of the zoomies this morning. It was fun. I was running from room-to-room, I jumped on mom's bed and off again....Figs finally joined in and we both had fun.

Now it is kitty nap time~

Have a great day!~
Cuddles are good
Posted February 28, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon~

I sure do love my cuddles. This morning I was sleeping on moms pillow right next to her head and she rolled over and had a faceful of Loki...funny! She hugged me and told me I was a good boy. I snuggled there with her for awhile til she got up.

When she woke up she had a bad headache, so I laid with her. I saw her get up and get some headache pills and go lay back down. Finally her headache started to go away so she got up at 11am. kinda late for mom, but she had a good excuse.

It is another cold day. Not quite as windy as yesterday, but the wind is blowing anyway. The sun is really shining big and bright though. makes it look warmer then it actually is.

Mom is eating an apple turnover, and of course I had to taste it, too. Yummy. She gave me a small bite, it was good. She also has a glass of Pepsi. I don't like pepsi.

Have a nice day and keep warm!
Cuddle with someone!
So much fun today!
Posted February 21, 2020 by Loki1610

Me & Figs had so much fun today. We woke up early and started playing chase. We traveled from room to room jumping on everything. Well, Figs decided it was a grand idea to jump right in the middle of mom's bed...so he did and landed right on her head...she woke up really quick and said "What the heck"....she saw us and told us to go play in another room....we left the bedroom after that, we let mom sleep. We woke her up at 8:00. she went back to sleep til 10:30.

When she got up, we were both sleeping in the bed. {I will post a pic}, so mom took a pic. Then she said..figures, you are all pooped out now. Mom made herself some pop tarts and a glass of milk and had breakfast, checked her emails and then got dressed.

She fed all of us our kibble. {We all have different kinds} Kelsee and Kali eat senior 11+ kibble, Ben eats sensitive stomach kibble and me & Figs will eat just about any other kind.

Mom got dressed and ventured out to Family Dollar for some stuff she needed, came home with groceries and her mail which was down in the box...of course me Kel and Figs were nosy posies and had to check out the bags for anything good.

Mom found all my mice and all of Figgys sparkle balls and put them in our toy box, but of course they did not stay very long as we scattered them about again....mom said it is a good thing she loves and adores us....we keep her on her toes.

have a great week
Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted February 14, 2020 by Loki1610

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends today. I sure hope you all have plans with loved ones. Me?? I am taking my lovely Tabatha out to dinner. After dinner we are playing mouse hockey. {I know a lot of you know we play}. Tabs doesn't play cause she isn't into rough and tumble sports, in fact she is a 'show cat'.

Today it is bitterly cold here in Hockeytown. Only 15* for a high, but we do have a lot of sunshine and blue skies, just cold cold cold. We are warming back up to the mid 30's by Monday.

Mom is so happy she didn't have to go out today. She doesn't work on FRI. tomorrow will be cold in the morning, but warming up to the mid 20's by the time she comes home{she usually gets a ride home}.

Me and Figs had a fantastic playtime this morning. We chased each other around the house and jumped on furniture and off it and around the table, we had fun. The other cats just look at us young guys like we are nuts. The next youngest is Ben and he is 11, he like to play and we play with him sometimes.

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