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Chill is in the air
Posted September 6, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening.

Autumn is just around the corner and our weather is already turning chilly. It is dropping to the 50's at night and high 60's, low 70's for day highs.

Mom ordered a pizza for dinner and she gave me a few pepperoni's. I like them. I wanted more, but mom said too many of them would upset my tummy.

We got a new bed today, but it is really small. Mom saw the ad on FB and thought it would be a nice fluffy bed for us, but it is smaller then it appeared in the pic and none of us fits too well on it. Kelsee does if she curls up and doesn't stretch out on it.

Mom was all wet when she came home from work. It started raining when mom was off work and she had to walk her bike home....I met her at the back door and she told me it was raining so I had to stay inside.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
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Great day
Posted August 30, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Wow, today was pawsome. 77*, sunny and breezy. Not as windy as it has been. That himacane is bringing lots of windy days here and Sunday it is supposed to be windy and rain.

Me and Figs got to stay outside all day, so did Kali and kelsee. Benny stays on the porch with mom and most of the time Kelsee does, too, but today she came down to the yard.

Mom went to the bank to cash her paycheck and stopped at Kroger for food, but none for us cause she bought us a case of 24 cans of fancy Feast.

Then later mom walked to the Chinese place for dinner and she got chicken chop suey and she gave us some chicken, but it wasn't like the chicken she normally gives us, but we ate it anyway.

Now we are back in the house and I have the top bed on the tree!!! I am KING cat of the castle tonight. Usually it is Benny who has the top bed, but I beat him to it tonight.

Stay safe everyone!
Our Poor Momma!
Posted August 10, 2019 by Loki1610
Good morning all!

Our poor momma got up to go to work, got dressed and rode her bike to work. ONLY to discover they are closed due to an illness in the family.

BUT, did anyone bother to call mom, NOPE!!!! She could have slept in and not bothered to even get dressed and go. She bets they called everyone else though!!!

So, mom decided she is going to go to Walmart today. cause they might want her Monday. Tuesday she has a DR appt. so she can't work that day.

us cats woke up with mom and helped her get off to work, then she came home, boy were we ever catfused. hey mom, why are you back so soon??? Does this mean we get to go outside and play???? Not on your life cause she is headed out.

me and Figgy chased each around the house anyway. That is always fun and we like seeing mom watch us as she gets a kick out of it. Only thing she doesn't like is when we jump on her tables and knock things to the floor.

I hope you all have a great day today. It is gonna be 83* and very pleasant. No humidity and a little breezy. The wind we had finally dies down.

have a super-duper day!!!

been outdoors
Posted August 2, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

It was another great day. Mom was home with us [she only went to the store}, but she came home with a case of Friskies for us [12 cans}.

She stopped at another place called "The Chicken Shack" and bought some a bucket of chicken and shared with me and Figs...Kelsee had some, too. Ben and Kali did not want any.

We were in our tent and we saw all kinds of birds flying around out there, but we couldn't get to them. But it is fun watching them.

Mom found out the cat we saw belongs to our neighbor. She is a female orange and white, not even a year old yet. he told mom he has to get her spayed. So now we know it is isn't a stray, but she belongs to our neighbor.

Have a pawsome evening!
Gonna get hot again
Posted July 26, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today was another nice day. We hit 85*, but it was nice and breezy with lots and lots of sunshine.

Mom let us outside after she came home from the store. George and Woody also came out{they are the cats that live next door}. Figaro doesn't like George and he hissed at him.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 88* and Sunday 90*, so mom said we best enjoy it while we can. After the rain on Mon it cools back down to the low 80's.

We had lots of visitors today in our yard. Mom gave the birds some bread, so they came down and ate and the squirrel saw it and came in the yard too, but the birds did not fly away, I guess they are used to sharing with the squirrel.

He went up on the porch to see mom and kelsee and George. Kelsee hissed at him and ran in the house. George just watched him. Mom gave him a handful of peanuts to enjoy.

It was a good thing me and Figs were in our tent cause we were going nuts and wanted out to chase the squirrel. We were wagging our tails and meowing, but mom said we had to stay in the tent. meow!!!

Have a good evening!
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