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Posted April 5, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon.

Well, it was supposed to rain today, but we have sun and clouds mix. it is 53* outside. The wind is calm too.

I have an eye infection and me and Figgy have to share the same medicine, I caught it from him. Mom caught it before we passed it on to the older kitties. We got some medicine called Terramycin and mom has to apply it 2 times a day for a week. Today is day 3 and it seems to be working.

Me and Figs had a blast this morning chasing our toys around the house and jumping on the chair and picking on our sister, Kelsee. She growled and hissed at us and went back to sleep. old kitty doesn't want to play.

We got some tuna today. Mom made a sandwich and me and Figgy & kelsee all wanted some, so mom gave us some. It is so good. people tuna is the best.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
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Loki1610 wrote at April 19, 2019
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Tuna water is the bestest treat ever!!! Love tuna and the water it comes in. Mom said that some tuna comes in oil, so you have to watch what you buy!
Kibbles wrote at April 6, 2019
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Sorry to hears you both has an eye infection now. But glayd your med. seem to be working. We get that med. too, when our eyes gets that way.
Glady you and Figs had a great day playing too. The others will come around one day and play with you all. They probably likes calmer games. I know are older kitties do, but they also likes to run around some days.
They weather here is great today. Grammy opened the window and the porch for us kitties and Remi got to go outside and play.
Boy we do loves our Tuna too. When Grammy makes sammies she used 3 cans and saves the water it comes in for us. She divides it out equally so we each has some, sometimes she has to add a little more water from the rinsed out can. YUMMMMMMM! Has a great Caturday and enjoy your family.