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Posted February 26, 2021 by Loki1610

Today mom thought it was warm enough to go outside and put up lights. She was wrong. She was able to get 1 string up and then had to come inside. She needs to be on a ladder to hang the others, and it is just too chilly. Only 36*. Next week will be better, it will be near 50* on day.

The lights mom put up today are fiber-optic solar butterflies. She wrapped them around the top of her swing. {The top got all torn and wind worn, but she doesn't need it on the porch.}

I almost got out the back door, but mom caught me just on time and chased me back in. I was a smarty cat and pawwed the back door open myself. Figaro was waiting behind me...but.....no go!

Have a great week!
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