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Posted August 28, 2020 by Loki1610

Today it is loud and wet outside. It has been raining since last night and also lots of thunder, which is very loud. Some lightening, too. It is only 77*, but the humidity is up past 60% cause of the rain.

Mom did laundry and after she was done with that, she made a tuna sandwich which she had to share with us. She knows better then to try to eat tuna without sharing.

It sure has been a long, hot, dry Summer, so maybe the rain today will make the grass green again. Some people water their lawns, while others just don't and it is all brown and looks like wheat.

Mom is still off work, but she is making up a resume and putting it on "INDEED" to see if she can get another job. There are some diners open for in door dining, which others are only doing carryout or delivery. Some even have outdoor dining, but where mom worked they do not do that.

Have a pawsome day!
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Jax wrote at August 28, 2020
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You're lucky you got some of your mom's tuna sandwich! Yum!