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Posted December 11, 2020 by Loki1610

I am back. Sorry to be away.

I was a naughty boy this week Let me tell you about it. 1st I jumped on the couch when mom was petting Ben and I was heard her telling him how handsome he was he, that did not bide well with me. So I tried to chase him away, but he will not go when he is on moms lap as she protects him from me, so I sat there and gave mom the 'stare". So she pet me and told me I was handsome too. That was all I wanted, so I jumped up on the cat tree and went to sleep.

2nd. I jumped on moms bed last night and she was trying to sleep and so was Kali & Kel, but I went over and smacked Kel on the head for her to move, she hissed and pawsmacked me back and I hissed back...mom told me "Loki, behave and go to sleep and leave your sister alone". So I went to the other corner of the bed and settled down. I like to keep mom on her toes.

Today we have another nice day. Sunny, warm and calm......it is 45* right now and we may see 52* before the end of the end of the day. Mom said this is nice weather, but soon enough the snow will come when Winter arrives.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
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