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Posted May 17, 2019 by Loki1610
Today was gloomy and windy. It was dry though. We were supposed to have rain all day, but never got any. It must have went somewhere else for a change.

Mom went outside to water her flowers and the squirrel came up and begged her for nuts. Mom opened the bag and threw some to her. She is a new mom with nursing babies so she needs to eat. She doesn't stay long, just long enough to get food.

Me and Figs had a blast today. We played chase, and pounced on Kelsee by mistake. I didn't see her cause she was hiding under the couch blanket. Mom still has a blanket on the couch she covers up with. kelsee hissed and growled at me.

Mom got a stick and dug out toys from under dressers, the couch, and the bed and tub, wow there was a lot of toys under the furniture, but now we have them out, at least for now till we bat them back under there.

Have a great night

Sweet dreams!sleeping
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