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Posted March 30, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening
Well, today was a complete washout. It rained all day. I was looking out the window for critters and saw none. Birds were trying to hide from the rain. I did see a huge white bird making a lot of noise. Wow. I had to cover my ears.

Mom came home from work to a nice mess. We pulled the runner off the coffee table and everything that was on it was on the floor{mom's phone, tablet, kleenex, pens, etc, lots of things}. The trash can was knocked over, we knocked figurines to the floor from a different table. let's just say we had fun.

Benny was playing hide and seek, Kali was sleeping and as soon as mom came home, Kelsee ran up to her and tattled on us. Told her everything we did. Is that what a big sister is supposed to do??? I though she was supposed to protect us and take the blame herself.

Well, mom is home now and we are getting ready to have supper. We play ring around the bowls at dinner time. We go from one to the other and eat what we want from each bowl. That is sharing, right, so we share like good kitties.
Have a pawsome evening!
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