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My little adventure
Posted March 27, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon.

I took me an adventure down the steps. Mom went down to get the mail and I followed her to the bottom of the stairs. I was sniffing the air at the bottom of the door and wanting to get out...I looked at mom and meowed and all she did was say "No Loki, it is dangerous out there". I guess she cold be right, we do live on a main street, but with everyone at home there is no traffic right now.

Figs came down to join me and he was no help either, so we both ran up and down the stairs a few times, then came back in the house to take a nap, all that running up and down made us tired.

Mom was cleaning and arranging things today, Now that she is home, she finds things to clean to keep her busy or she will go crazy. She does talk with her sister on the phone and instant messenger on FB.

In a few weeks or so mom said she is going out on the back porch to start cleaning up for the warmer weather. That sounds good to me, maybe I can go out and help clean up the mess.

Have a nice day
Stay safe!
Weird day
Posted March 20, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

This is a weird day. When mom got up, it was 62* and now it is 46* at 2:14. Weird weather. It has gotten chilly as the winds pick up. The sun is out, but it is still chilly.

Mom opened a few windows for us, but had to shut them. The wind is cold. A weird day indeed.

Mom went to Kroger today, she wishes she would have taken her phone, the bread isle was empty but for 1 pack of burger buns, the cereal isle was just as bad, no meats, plenty of dairy products, no soups, hamburger helper, no paper products at all...lots of people though, mom had to stand in a long line.

PSP was well stocked and told mom they will continue to stay well stocked. Mom picked up a 12 pack of Pro Plan for us just to be safe. We have plenty of kibble for now and are expecting a FF shipment soon.

Mom said a lady on the bus was hollering about 'the end of the world, saying all American's are gonna die and the world will end as we know it'. Mom and other people on the bus just shook their heads...the lady said 'just you wait and see you non-believers'.

Well, I am busy playing chase with Kelsee and Figaro, what fun, Kel still runs pretty fast for an old kitty of almost 17.

Stay safe!!!
Waiting for food
Posted March 13, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Mom is home all day today {but she does want to go to the store}, we are waiting for UPS to deliver our cat food from petco. Chewy's order never arrived. FEDEX just doesn't deliver right in Detroit. Mom called Chewy and made a complaint and they called FEDEX,,,not too sure what happened, but mom cancelled our order and FEDEX can ship it back to chewy now. We were supposed to have it last TUESDAY....today is FRi.

It is sunny and windy here today. It is 45*. Not too bad a day. Mom said it is still too chilly to open windows or the back door, so I just sit in the window.

There was a squirrel sitting on our back porch this morning in the sun. Just laying out there on the rail enjoying the sunshine...me and Figgy were enjoying that.

Today is little Figgy's dopty day! he has been with us for 1 year as of today. Mom put a pic on FB. Mom said it doesn't seem like 1 year already. Time flies.

Have a pawsome afternoon~
Rainy/snowy day
Posted March 6, 2020 by Loki1610
Hi everyone

Today it is a weird day. We had snow flurries then sprinkles and a combo of both and it is just 34* outside today. Mom said March is a funny month....I believe her.

It is supposed to be almost 60* next week. At least we hope no more snow comes hard and sticks to the ground, but you never know do you?

For mom's lunch she made bacon and she shared some with me. She know i love bacon. She over cooked a few pieces for herself and that is what i got. Mom like wiggly bacon.

I had a bad case of the zoomies this morning. It was fun. I was running from room-to-room, I jumped on mom's bed and off again....Figs finally joined in and we both had fun.

Now it is kitty nap time~

Have a great day!~
Cuddles are good
Posted February 28, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon~

I sure do love my cuddles. This morning I was sleeping on moms pillow right next to her head and she rolled over and had a faceful of Loki...funny! She hugged me and told me I was a good boy. I snuggled there with her for awhile til she got up.

When she woke up she had a bad headache, so I laid with her. I saw her get up and get some headache pills and go lay back down. Finally her headache started to go away so she got up at 11am. kinda late for mom, but she had a good excuse.

It is another cold day. Not quite as windy as yesterday, but the wind is blowing anyway. The sun is really shining big and bright though. makes it look warmer then it actually is.

Mom is eating an apple turnover, and of course I had to taste it, too. Yummy. She gave me a small bite, it was good. She also has a glass of Pepsi. I don't like pepsi.

Have a nice day and keep warm!
Cuddle with someone!
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