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Something Fishy
Posted October 18, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening
Well, something fishy went on today. Mom went to work and came home. petted us and played with us, then went on Facebook.

Later in the afternoon, mom ordered some carry out for her and her friend who came to visit us. She is so nice. Anyway, mom ordered a fish dinner and she shared the fish with Benny, Kelsee, me and Figs. Kali doesn't like fish. it sure was good.

Mo works again tomorrow and Sunday then she will have 3 days off. I enjoy koms days off cause I get to spend more time with her.

Have a pawsome evening
Stay warm
Warm and wet
Posted October 11, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Today was a nice day weather wise. It got to 72*, but it was cloudy and humid. Then right when mom got home from work the rain came.

We did not see any sun today at all. All clouds and rain. After mom got home from work she had to go and pick up her new glasses, so she did that, but she had to walk instead of riding her bike.

There is a squirrel on our back porch and he is fun to watch. He has been sitting there and chattering at me for about an hour. I think he is calling mom to bring him treats...she took out some crackers and he took off with them one at a time, then is back waiting for more. Silly squirrel. Mom can't give him all her crackers, but she did say she would buy him some nuts and fruits when she goes to the store.

Figs also is sitting here with me watching the squirrel. We get a kick out of it. Chatter chatter chatter and then goes away and comes back.

Mom saw some houses decorated for Christmas already. Let's get Halloween out of the way 1st before decorating for Christmas. Lot's of houses are decked out already for Halloween.

Have a pawsome evening~
more rain
Posted September 13, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening everyone

Today was sunny to start and we made it to 78*. Mom went to work in the morning and came home at 2. When she came home she took us outside and we went in our tent. No sooner we get settled and start to play and watch the big world of critters outside, it clouds up.

No BIGGIE, right...just clouds. Then we heard thunder in the background and more clouds came and then the clouds started to get darker and darker, so we started meowing so mom would come and get us. She came down and just as we were starting up the steps to the porch we felt drops, then we made it in the house and the clouds fell open and it poured.

The rain made it really humid though. The temps cooled off, but the humidity is awful. Everything you touch sticks to you. Mom walks and she got a toy stuck to her foot-paw. It was funny.

Mom ordered a cod dinner for supper and she shared some of it with us. That was pretty good. As long as I have been here {Feb} mom hasn't ever has fish for dinner. Tuna sandwich yes, but not cod. I liked it.:D

Have a great night!
Chill is in the air
Posted September 6, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening.

Autumn is just around the corner and our weather is already turning chilly. It is dropping to the 50's at night and high 60's, low 70's for day highs.

Mom ordered a pizza for dinner and she gave me a few pepperoni's. I like them. I wanted more, but mom said too many of them would upset my tummy.

We got a new bed today, but it is really small. Mom saw the ad on FB and thought it would be a nice fluffy bed for us, but it is smaller then it appeared in the pic and none of us fits too well on it. Kelsee does if she curls up and doesn't stretch out on it.

Mom was all wet when she came home from work. It started raining when mom was off work and she had to walk her bike home....I met her at the back door and she told me it was raining so I had to stay inside.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
Great day
Posted August 30, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Wow, today was pawsome. 77*, sunny and breezy. Not as windy as it has been. That himacane is bringing lots of windy days here and Sunday it is supposed to be windy and rain.

Me and Figs got to stay outside all day, so did Kali and kelsee. Benny stays on the porch with mom and most of the time Kelsee does, too, but today she came down to the yard.

Mom went to the bank to cash her paycheck and stopped at Kroger for food, but none for us cause she bought us a case of 24 cans of fancy Feast.

Then later mom walked to the Chinese place for dinner and she got chicken chop suey and she gave us some chicken, but it wasn't like the chicken she normally gives us, but we ate it anyway.

Now we are back in the house and I have the top bed on the tree!!! I am KING cat of the castle tonight. Usually it is Benny who has the top bed, but I beat him to it tonight.

Stay safe everyone!
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