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Spring is here!!!
Posted May 14, 2021 by Loki1610
Spring has finally Sprung! By Loki


it's about time, but Spring has finally arrived in MI. After weeks of chilly miserable days, today we hit the 70's with a mild breeze and lots of sun.

Mom worked today from noon to 4, then came home. We wanted to go outside, but mom was too tired to chase us down to put us in our pen, especially Figaro who gives mom a run for her money. he likes to come outside, but hates being in the pen. but we have to be in it or we will jump down. Once he is in it, he is fine, it's just getting him in it that is the problem.

We have 3 open windows today, it is very nice sitting in them and watching all the goings on outside. Especially the birds. We have a bird nest on the beam under the roof and they are dropping all their loose nesting materials all over the porch and mom keeps picking it up, but thy keep dropping it down. nest building must be hard when you keep dropping your sticks and stuff.

Mom is waiting for the pizza to arrive. She doesn't like to cook on days she works, so once a month she orders a pizza and other times she gets whatever she is in the mood for from the local restaurants.

Have a nice weekend!
Moms hands were frozen
Posted February 26, 2021 by Loki1610

Today mom thought it was warm enough to go outside and put up lights. She was wrong. She was able to get 1 string up and then had to come inside. She needs to be on a ladder to hang the others, and it is just too chilly. Only 36*. Next week will be better, it will be near 50* on day.

The lights mom put up today are fiber-optic solar butterflies. She wrapped them around the top of her swing. {The top got all torn and wind worn, but she doesn't need it on the porch.}

I almost got out the back door, but mom caught me just on time and chased me back in. I was a smarty cat and pawwed the back door open myself. Figaro was waiting behind me...but.....no go!

Have a great week!
Dreary Friday
Posted February 19, 2021 by Loki1610
We are having on of those gray dreary days today. It is 30*, so it isn't too cold, but no sunshine to brighten up the day today.

The birds and squirrels were out on our back porch again this morning. Mom heard me chattering to them before she left for work. There were a lot of birds cause Charlie our neighbor had bread outside for them, the birds were enjoying it and fighting over one small piece when there were a lot of piece's out there. Birds are funny. The squirrels just grabbed some and ran off with it.

Well, mom just got home from work, so I need to go and visit with he now. have a nice evening!

So far for me...NOT GOOD!
Posted January 1, 2021 by Loki1610
Happy New Year

Today I got yelled at 2 times already. 1st time was when I went after Kelsee{hey I only want to play chase with her} Mom says she is old and I must respect that. 2nd I jumped on top of the entertainment center and knocked down moms snowmen she has up. I hate being the "Golden Boy". I am only 4 years old and have a ton of energy to get out of my system.

On a brighter note. We did get our Delectables as a treat for New Years. Oh meow, they were fantastic. I finished mine and went from dish to dish looking for more, but everyone ate theirs all up, except for Kali who wanted no part of it, so mom have hers to me.

I got to sleep and cuddle with mm last night, she even had her arm over me while I slept and I was purring away. I love to cuddle.

Have a great day!
We made out like bandits
Posted December 25, 2020 by Loki1610
Meowy catmas!~
Us cats made out like bandits. Our stockings were full of toys and treats. Mom got us a treat called Fancy Feast appetizers, 5 different flavors{1 for each} and they were so good, we cleaned the little dishes they were in, even Kali who never eats wet food. We also have some Delectibles for later.

We have a white Christmas too, 2" on the groud and it is still coming down. Only 21* though, so it is bitter cold.

Mom is getting ready to go to her sisters house for dinner with 2 of her Niece's. She will probably bring home some turkey and ham cause she did last year.

Have a fun filled day with your families!
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