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Lights lights and more lights
Posted December 6, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening.

Today we helped mom decorate her lights. She put lights up all over and we were chasing them, such fun. It looks purrty in here now.

She still has lots to do, but she will do the rest on Monday when she is off work. She has more boxes downstairs to go through.

No tree though cause me and Figaro would probably knock it down or destroy it and break all her bulbs, so mom says NOPE, NO TREE! Kelsee said it was a long time ago when mom has a tree, her and Jesse were kittens.

It was cold today, too. Only 39*, but we did have lots of sunshine today. Blue shies and sunshine are awesome. Better then gray skies and clouds.

Today is mom's birthday. Her is 67. She went to lunch with a friend and went to the store, then came back home. I am happy my birthday is in Summer.

Mom is mad!
Posted November 22, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

Mom is besides her self with FedEx. they were supposed to deliver our order from Chewy on Thursday, mom got a message says 'delivery not attempted" new delivery day was supposed to be today...now mom got this message:
"Local delivery restriction - Delivery not attempted
Recommended action : No action required. Delivery will be re-scheduled when conditions improve.

Sat 11/23/2019'

YIKES!!! At this rate we will never get our order. We have a 24 can case of Gravy Lovers Fancy Feast and Kelsee & Kali have a 7 pound bag of Merricks Senior dry coming and also our litter. Mom is gonna call FEDEX on Monday and tell them a thing or 2.

Enough complaining now. Mom took out that awful floor monster today and cleaned the carpets again. She said we are messy felines. Ummmm.

Me and Figs were playing chase and we jumped over mom and the coffee table, that was fun. Let me tell you, the other 3 kitties need to join us in the fun. All they do is watch us. I can understand Kelsee, she is 16, but Kali is only 13 and Benny only 11.

have a pawsome night.
Fun Friday!
Posted November 15, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

We had a fun Friday. Mom was playing with us with a laser light, she located a bunch of fuzzy mice and sparkle balls for us and threw them back to us. {we keep batting them under furniture}.

me and Figs got to chase one another up and down the stairs in the hallway. That was fun. We got tired and came in the house and took a nap.

Mom was watching movies on LMN and then she switched it to IFC and now she is watching "Two and A Half Men". Pretty soon we are all going to play hockey. I hope my team wins.

It wasn't so cold today, but mom stayed home with us. We did reach 34* and the sun was out for a little while, then it got kinda cloudy, but we had NO snow!

Have a pawsome evening!
Rotten weather
Posted November 1, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

I hope you all had a furtastic Halloween. Ours was wet and windy. It rained all day yesterday, can you believe that? Mom said she doesn't get a lot of kids here anyway cause the neighborhood isn't all that great and not many kids live around here. I never see any til after school when they get off the bus and climb in cars go away.

Mom watched a few shows on ID Discovery. One about Ted Bundy and other serial killers and a show about Stephen King and how he got his writing start~ all on Reelz. mom thought them shows were purrfect for Halloween.

I snuggled on mom's lap while she was watching TV. I love laying on the couch with her and then I slept with her last night too...me, Kelsee, Kali and Figs usually do. Ben sleeps on the kitty tree way on top.

Today mom worked til 2pm, the came home. It is sunny and 40* today. Cold outside, but at least dry and sunny and not quite as windy as yesterday. The sun makes it look warmer then it really is.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening
Stay warm!
Something Fishy
Posted October 18, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening
Well, something fishy went on today. Mom went to work and came home. petted us and played with us, then went on Facebook.

Later in the afternoon, mom ordered some carry out for her and her friend who came to visit us. She is so nice. Anyway, mom ordered a fish dinner and she shared the fish with Benny, Kelsee, me and Figs. Kali doesn't like fish. it sure was good.

Mo works again tomorrow and Sunday then she will have 3 days off. I enjoy koms days off cause I get to spend more time with her.

Have a pawsome evening
Stay warm
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