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Rainy but warm
Posted January 10, 2020 by Loki1610
Good afternoon

Today we have a warm day of 50*, but it was rainy. Right now jut sprinkles, but later we are supposed to get hard rain and flood warnings, but so far they are just 'watches'.

Today is just the purrfect day to snuggle up and stay asleep. Right now everyone is sleeping. Mom just filled our kibble bowls and nobody got up.

Me and Figs enjoy the game of chase. We chase each other all over the place and jump on this and that...keeps mom on her toes. The older kitties just watch us play. they play but with toys and don't play chase...sometimes I get Benny to play chase cause I chase him, but he jumps up on the kitty tree.

Have a fun day!
it's 2020
Posted January 3, 2020 by Loki1610

we made it to 2020. Wow, It was so loud and noisy here though. All that noise sent us cats hiding under the bed or bathtub.

We are kinda cloudy today, no sunshine, but not too cold. It is 44* outside and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. It wouldn't hurt mom's feelings if we never got snow. She hates it.

Mom is home with us all day today, She invited her bestie over for the day after she gets off work {her friend works at a cleaners} and they are having dinner from Boston market.

We have all the decorations down except for the snowmen which mom leaves up all Winter long, then she puts them away. Figaro knocked a few off the shelf.

I am gonna go and take a kitty nap with Figs now. Nothing to do on a chilly Winter afternoon but sleep! My sisters are sleeping and so is Benny, so now I am gonna go join them~

A Quiet Friday
Posted December 27, 2019 by Loki1610
Good afternoon:

it has been a quite day. 46* outside and partly sunny. Not as warm as it was Christmas Day when we hit 58*.

I had a nice Christmas and hope you all did too. I got 4 cans of food, toys, catnip and treats. Mom ordered us a pop n play but it still did not arrive. the stores were out of it, so mom ordered it and it is on back order. Must be a pretty popular toy.

Today mom took all her decorations down cause me and Figaro like to drag the garland off the shelves, etc. that and it has been up since the beginning of Dec and mom was tired of looking at it...MOL!~

I had fun climbing in and out of the boxes while mom was trying to fill them up with her stuff, once she got everything packed up, she took it all down the basement. Hey, me and Figs were only trying to help.

Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!~~

BIG pawuggz~
BIG Crash noise!
Posted December 20, 2019 by Loki1610
Good evening

About an hour ago there was a bad crash outside. 2 cars collided on the corner and 2 ambulances and 3 cop cars were here. he had a cat's eye view cause we are right on the corner. The light was red for one driver and he was supposed to stop but didn't pay attention{mom thinks he may have been on his/her phone} and smacked right into the other car. 1 person from 1 car was taken in the ambulance to the Hospital...the other driver was arrested on the spot...maybe drinking or talkin on phone.

This is a terrible corner for accidents. we are right on the corner of 2 busy main streets and drivers are a,ways getting into accidents around here. Mom saw one once where a person was all covered up and laying on the street. Bad!

Right now all the people have dispersed and the cops are gone, all that is left are broken car parts on the street and they will get cleaned up I guess.

What are humans so intent on talking on the phone or drinking while driving? Are they looking to be in an accident? Who knows. No wonder us cats are smarter then 'some' people...we would never do such stuff.

It is cloudy today, no sun, but we did reach 37* they are not calling for rain or snow at all, so it looks like there will not be a White Catmas for us.

Mom took a flashlight and a stick and crawled on her hands and knees and dug out our toys from under furniture...so many of them, too. Now we have lots until they are batted back under the furniture.

Have a pawsome evening!
This garland is fun
Posted December 13, 2019 by Loki1610

we are having fun with ts garland stuff. All pretty and silver and mom hangs it up and me and Figs drag it down and pull it around the house while the other one chases it...a new toy and we love it...mom picks it up and rehangs it and we take it down again...such fun.

Mom went to the store today and came home with stuff and put a few things in our stockings. She also had milk, cereal and drain opener for her...her potty was all clogged up and stopped flushing, so she bought some liquid plumber and used her plunger and got it working again....our potty's never get clogged up..I think our way is better.

of curse I bet mom's everywhere wish we had flushing potties so they wouldn't have to deal with taking our poopies out. Must not be a good experience for mom's..you think not, too??

Have a pawsome week~
Kitty kissies~
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