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So far for me...NOT GOOD!
Posted January 1, 2021 by Loki1610
Happy New Year

Today I got yelled at 2 times already. 1st time was when I went after Kelsee{hey I only want to play chase with her} Mom says she is old and I must respect that. 2nd I jumped on top of the entertainment center and knocked down moms snowmen she has up. I hate being the "Golden Boy". I am only 4 years old and have a ton of energy to get out of my system.

On a brighter note. We did get our Delectables as a treat for New Years. Oh meow, they were fantastic. I finished mine and went from dish to dish looking for more, but everyone ate theirs all up, except for Kali who wanted no part of it, so mom have hers to me.

I got to sleep and cuddle with mm last night, she even had her arm over me while I slept and I was purring away. I love to cuddle.

Have a great day!
We made out like bandits
Posted December 25, 2020 by Loki1610
Meowy catmas!~
Us cats made out like bandits. Our stockings were full of toys and treats. Mom got us a treat called Fancy Feast appetizers, 5 different flavors{1 for each} and they were so good, we cleaned the little dishes they were in, even Kali who never eats wet food. We also have some Delectibles for later.

We have a white Christmas too, 2" on the groud and it is still coming down. Only 21* though, so it is bitter cold.

Mom is getting ready to go to her sisters house for dinner with 2 of her Niece's. She will probably bring home some turkey and ham cause she did last year.

Have a fun filled day with your families!
Wogi Bear
Trouble maker me
Posted December 18, 2020 by Loki1610
I am in big trouble again. I keep jumpin on the table where mom has decorations and I knock down her snowmans. She always comes, picks me off, puts me back on the floor and I jump right back on again, she takes me off again and tells me "I said NO"...then I will try to jump back on and gives me her "evil eye" look, so I change my mind for now. I will be back up there when mom is not suspecting it.

WE have lots of blue skies and sunshine today. But it is rather chilly out there. Only 33* right now. But it is calm and no wind is blowing. We did not get much snow at all, only 1".

I hope you all have a great day and stay out of trouble, unlike me! see ya next time!
I am a naughty boy!
Posted December 11, 2020 by Loki1610

I am back. Sorry to be away.

I was a naughty boy this week Let me tell you about it. 1st I jumped on the couch when mom was petting Ben and I was heard her telling him how handsome he was he, that did not bide well with me. So I tried to chase him away, but he will not go when he is on moms lap as she protects him from me, so I sat there and gave mom the 'stare". So she pet me and told me I was handsome too. That was all I wanted, so I jumped up on the cat tree and went to sleep.

2nd. I jumped on moms bed last night and she was trying to sleep and so was Kali & Kel, but I went over and smacked Kel on the head for her to move, she hissed and pawsmacked me back and I hissed back...mom told me "Loki, behave and go to sleep and leave your sister alone". So I went to the other corner of the bed and settled down. I like to keep mom on her toes.

Today we have another nice day. Sunny, warm and calm......it is 45* right now and we may see 52* before the end of the end of the day. Mom said this is nice weather, but soon enough the snow will come when Winter arrives.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Warmest day is here
Posted October 23, 2020 by Loki1610
Today will be the warmest day of the rest of Oct. 75* today and sunny, but kinda windy. Starting tomorrow the temps take a paw-dive down to the upper 40's to mid 50's and some 30's at night.

I am happy to say that mom put her new mattress heating pad on her bed and is it ever warm. Her old one was turned up to 7 and barely got warm, this ew one is only on 4 and mom takes the covers off at night, but I love it. I am on the bed all night.

Sunday is Ben's birthday, so mom went to PSP today on her bike to buy him some new toys. He has this cheese wedge that he loves to play with, so mom got him some more of those and a few others, so we can all share them.

I am off to sit in the window, I just spotted me a black squirrel on the back porch...OH OH...time to go and watch him. I hope I don't scare him....Figaro is also in the window watching and the critter is just sitting and looking.....waiting on mom for snacks.

Have a pawsome day!
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