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Posted March 15, 2021 by Kelsee
Oh dear. Looks like the calendar is going backwards. We had some really nice days last week and were able to go outside in the sun on the back porch, but this week it is cold again. We are only gonna be in the 40's for 2 days and 20's at night.

Mom got her state income tax back today, so she ordered the boys a larger pen for the back porch. It is a zippered one and mom got a pad and a mat for the water bowl, too. She got it from CHEWY, so it should come in 2 days.

She is also gonna order us some cat food in cases {from Chewy} and get herself a new coffee table and a new dining set as well from Wayfair.

Had our dinner so now it is time for my early evening nap. Us old gals need our sleep you know. The boys prefer to play after dinner, but I sleep.

have a great week!
Happy St Patricks day
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