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Posted November 25, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Well, we have a little warm up today. Supposed be 56*, so far we made it to 47*. I doubt we will make it. Wed is supposed to be 54*, so we will see.

It did rain last night and early this morning. It thundered loud and scared me. I jumped, scared mom too cause she woke up and looked outside to see it raining.

Last night on the couch I was sleeping soundly and dreaming. My whiskers were twitching, my nose was and my paws were. Mom pet me and I pawsmacked her arm and growled...she frightened me. I was sleeping so soundly when she touched me it scared me. When I smelled her arm I started washing it. I love mom and would never hurt her. I thought it was my brother bothering me.

Today mom got a really cute kitty statue in the mail from her friend for her birthday. It is so cute. It is a dedication to her Angels. Mom will post a photo of it.

Time for my beauty nap. So have a pawsome evening and stay warm.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends!

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Grammy Warehime wrote at November 25, 2019
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It's warm here too. In some areas near us it gots up to 60.
Grammy Warehime