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Posted April 15, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.X

We have a bright sunny day today, but it is chilly. Only 55*. A few white fluffers in the sky above.

Mom went to the store for cat food and vernors and a few other things, but nothing for Easter. She is going to Walmart tomorrow, she said she will buy jelly beans and peeps only, mom doesn't want to gain back all the weight she lost.X

When she came home she found all of us sitting by the back door waiting to go outside, but we can't go out. The yard is messy with boards, nails, scraps of junk, boxes full of garbage, etc. mom doesn't want us escaping through the gate.X

Our little squirrel came back. She is in the "Family way" according to mom. She has a chubby tummy and wobbles when she walks. Mom gave her A HANDFUL of nuts, she took them and ran away with them, then came back for the rest she left in the bowl. I can't wait to see her little babies when they follow her over here.X

have a pawsome afternoon!X
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