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Posted March 17, 2014 by Kelsee
It is cold here today. We are at 21* and it isn't supposed to get much warmer, but at least we have no snow. Spring is supposed to come by the weekend, but the weather isn't very warm for Spring.

Me and Winston were having a blast earlier. He was ru nning around like a crazy cat, so I decided to join him, so we got into a wild game of chase and almnost tripped mom, but she st down, she said we were making her tired just watching us.

Jesse just walks around the house crying, then goes to the back door, he has what mom calls "Cabin Fever" and he is anxious to go back outside...mom tells him to go to sleep, so she just sits by the door and cries to go out some more...poor mom!!

Well, it is time for my beauty nap. I am getting tired..I just yawned. Have a nice day!

Kelsee McCutie =^..^=
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Bugsy wrote at March 20, 2014
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All that running around makes me nap. I bet your momcat cant' wait for spring. We wear our momcat out too. MOL.