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Posted May 18, 2020 by Kelsee
Mom is sick

Sorry we have not been around much, but mom is sick. She has gotten sick 3 times since last night. Me and Figs were in the bathroom with her and that silly boy actually got up and looked in the potty..mom had to put him off the potty...silly boy.

Today it is raining all day. Windy too. All our windows are closed cause it is cool outside. It's 62*. By the weekend it will be in the upper 70's near 80 with lots of sunshine. Mom said she might to go Walmart to buy flowers if she is better.

I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe'
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King Rex wrote at May 19, 2020
0 Votes
We're sending your mom many hugs and purrs.
King Rex
Tate wrote at May 19, 2020
0 Votes
hope your momcat will be feeling better soon!
Jax wrote at May 18, 2020
0 Votes
Sorry to hear your mom is sick Unhappy Sending lots of healing purrs.
Chester of Catnip Island wrote at May 18, 2020
0 Votes
Sorry your poor mommy is sick again Kelsee... my mommy & I are saying prayers for her to be all better soon...
Chester of Catnip Island