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Heatwave gone
Posted July 22, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening all.

Our heatwave has left us. We DO NOT miss it either. Mom cleaned the house today and did her laundry. She took out the floor monster and we all hid under her bed. We all hate that thing.

After she was done cleaning, she let us go outside. The young boys had to go in their tent, but they know it and they go right to it, but mom has to carry them both up in the evening.

Today was 80*. tomorrow will be 78*, Wed will be around 80*, but Thursday will be 87*. At least we get a few days break from the heat.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Roaster week
Posted July 15, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

We sure have a HOT week ahead. Today is 87*, tomorrow and the humidity is about 60%. It is supposed to rain off and on the next 3 days. But rain will only make it more humid.

Mom cleaned the house today and everything was good, we have clean litter boxes, clean place mats, clean food/water bowls, clean furniture, etc. Mom dusted, swept, mopped and then she took out that dreaded floor monster and all 5 of us flew under the bed, there was a bit of hissing, but we were more scared of the monster.

Now we are all relaxing/sleeping while mom is watching TV. I want to sit on her lap, but she has the computer, so I have to wait my turn. In the meantime I will lay on the back of the couch next to her.

It is too hot to even play. Running around is too hot, so we lay. Mom has all her fans running and windows open. We don't have A/C cause mom doesn't like it, she said if she wanted to be cold, she would keep her windows open in the winter. MOL.

I hope you all are taking it EZ and staying cool!

Absolutely the best
Posted July 8, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

we had a great day. Mom got up and she had to go grocery shopping, so she did that and then after she had lunch she put the boys in their kitty tent and left the back door open for all of us to go outside. I laid o her extra chair in the sun.

It was only 80*, with lots of sun and wind, but no rain. Tomorrow mom will be going downtown to see the new Nature center. Supposed to be an indoor oasis from what she heard, so she is going to check it out.

After working hard for 5 days straight, poor mom has a backache and her arm hurts, but she took some backache pills and she can put a brace on her arm so it doesn't hurt so much.

It was so noisy here on the 4th and it still is...some idiots are still throwing off M80's. They are so loud they sound like it and they shake moms windows. Scares us and we hide under moms bed. make em stop!!!

Have a pawsome evening!
Posted July 1, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon!

Word of the day--HOT!!! we were outside, but we came in cause it is 90* and hot, us kitties hate it that hot, it is hard to breathe. Mom also came inside. the rest of the week is supposed to be hot and humid and rainy.

Mom cleaned out our litter boxes today and washed our bowls, so now we are ready for dinner, and she put ice cubes in our water jug...Figs was playing with them. Silly cat!

George came outside last night to visit with us on the porch. It is better at night when it is cooler. The sun is down and it is kinda breezy. We have wind today, but all it is doing is blowing the hot air around. I don't see anyone but City workers outside. A few cars driving by is it.

Well, I do hope all of you are staying cool in this heat.
HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY July 4th!!!
See you next week.

Summer is finally here.
Posted June 24, 2019 by Kelsee

We finally have a nice week ahead. It is gonna be 87* later this week. Summer finally came and the rain stopped for awhile too. It is fun being able to go outside in the sun.

Mom actually had the heat on earlier last week at night when it dropped to 45* at night. She also had her electric blanket on, which was fine with me cause I enjoy being cuddly warm when I sleep. But mom says that in JUNE, all heating devices should NOT be on.

Today the roofers were here so we had to stay in the house. Mom did laundry and cleaned the place up. Then she took out that floor monster and we all ran under the bed.

I hope you all have a great week ahead. I will be back next Monday.

Purrz & Pawhugs!
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