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Memorial Day
Posted May 27, 2014 by Kelsee
What a day today..started out nice and sunny and 77* outside, so we went out in the yard and now we are having on and off thunder storms and it is 72*...the thunder scared us so I ran in the house and hid under mom's bed with Jesse.

We had a really nice Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday mom went to her sisters house for a family BBQ and yesterday she stayed home with us and invited her best friend over for burgers and beans.

It was 85* and sunny all day yesterday, best Memorial Day we have seen in ages, usually it rains and is cold out..so we really lucked out yesterday!

Mom is finished with her kitchen cabinets and only needs to put a second coat of white paint on her stripes and she will do that tonight, and then she is all done with the kitchen. We think it looks very pawsome.

We have been eating in the dining room since mom had the kitchen tore up, but tomorrow we get to move back to the kitchen..mom doesn't like out cat food all over her dining room carpet..can't imagine why not!!!

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Rain & Severe weather
Posted May 12, 2014 by Kelsee
We are having a drippy wet and rainy day today. Sometimes we even hear thunder in the distance, but no lightening. It was 76* when mom got up and now it is 66*..dropped from the rain.

We had a nice weekend though, we helped mom in her garden..we watched her pull dead vines and leaves out of the dirt, and she planted some flowers and Ivy, and then watered them all.

We are under a severe weather watch til 10pm with heavy rain, lightening, thunder, etc. Time to take cover and dive under the bed.

I am playing chase with a catnip mouse and mom is laughing at me..she loves it when I throw it in the air and chase it down and throw it again...MOL!!!

I hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
Winter is back
Posted May 5, 2014 by Kelsee
Cat oh cat..let me tell you. We are back to Winter as I blog you. Got up to 44* and right now it is only 46*, no sun, no rain, but cloudy and cold.

This is bad, in May mom usually has her bike out by now, has been BBQing, and doesn't need her heat on. So far, no bike, no BBQ and the heat is still ON. What is going on??

Then mom saw where we are going to have a chillier then normal summer with lots of rain. Geesh, just what we did not want to hear. After that long, hard, cold Winter with tons of snow, we were really looking forward to a long hot Summer.

Today is my b/f Snickie's birthday. I have a ton of Zealies over on Catster so I am going to send him a nice birthday gift. Maybe I can even go and see him and spend his birthday with him. He would like that!

Well, I am about to go over by the heat{?} and take me a beauty nap. This cool weather makes me tired!

Purrs n pawhuggz
Monday IVY patch clenaing
Posted April 21, 2014 by Kelsee
Now that warm weather is upon us, mom will be answering our blogs later in the day. Today we spent the entire day outside cleaning mom's IVY patch, cutting off all the dead leaves and vines, taking all the dead leaves from under the vines and then pruning what was left...then she took out that dreaded thing that sprays water everywhere, making us scramble for the porch...how dare mom do that...

Now mom is in the house and we finally get to answer our blogs...seems like one of our sites has taken a dump. I guess they are working on it..Catster is down still, but what can one do..we knew it as going down for maintenance and repairs once the new partner took over.

Mom came home yeterday with pork and ham for us..wasn't that cool!! Mom doesn't care for ham too much, so her sister also made a Pork roast with roasted potatoes, she also had mashed and then corn, buns and yellow/purple jello...then an Easter cake for dessert along with Apple Pie.

It was 75* today..so nice and sunny with a mild breeze..we are lovin this stuff...it might rain tomorrow though and cool down a bit, but we certainly enjoyed the past 2 days...mom let us out until her sister came for her yesterday.

Hope you have a pawsome evening!
Purrs & BIG Pawhuggz
Too much wind
Posted April 14, 2014 by Kelsee
Hope you are both doing well today. I am doing alright. I am in and out, mostly out, but run in from time to time to see mom.

Not quite as warm as it was yesterday, we have 66* today, yesterday was 76* and sunny...no sun today, but lots of clouds and lots of high winds, in fact we are under a high wind warning with gusts up to 60mph.

Mom said she wants to make a store run to get some Easter Candy..just jelly beans and Cadbury cream eggs..that is all mom ever buys...she said Easter is NOT supposed to be a candy holiday anyway...that is just way too much sugar for the human kids.

Mom put our collars back on us for the Summer seeing as how we go outside again. That way she can hear us when she calls and knws we are coming....kinda lets the birds know we are around, too.

Mom doesn't feel good today, she is all achy and has a bad headache, so I will not blog too much!

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz~~~
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