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What a crazy Day
Posted June 30, 2014 by Kelsee
Well, today was a circus around here for sure. Goodness, poor Winston was scared to death...he was outdoors in the yard...

that goofy neighbor who accuses mom of weird stuff, came out and screaming at her again saying she stole her makeup and mom doesn't even wear makeup, and then she poisoned her dog..mom would not mistreat any dog or pet....

So the guys downstairs came out and went off on her bug time...so she started accusing them of ripping her off..like a guy wants makeup...

The crazy lady did not know what to make of that, her neighbors all going off on her, she did not like it at all..so she ran inside and we haven't seen her since.

Mom had to go out and bring Winston inside..it is too hot out anyway for him to stay outside in the yard..it is 85* and really humid and it is supposed to rain later.

Mom is inside the house with all of us and watching TV and we are all sleeping after getting some Party Mix treats..yummy!!!

Hope you had a better day.
Huggs & Purrz
Not the best day
Posted June 23, 2014 by Kelsee
Sheba is trying to make a run for it...she tried to go outside 2 times already, but mom caught her both times..we are not used to having the door shut cause we all come in and go out all day as we please..but now we can't..mom has to keep opening the door for us.

Today is overcast, humid, cloudy and rainy and 77*..not a very good day to go outside unless we lay on the porch, which we have been doing...supposed to be rainy all week.

Mom thought with all the snow we had over the Winter we wouldn't see much rain this Summer, but that was not right..we get lots of rain, so far it has been a very rainy Spring and 2 days of Summer.

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Nic e Day, Sheba comes out...
Posted June 9, 2014 by Kelsee
We had a pawsome day today..80*, no clouds, just a mild breeze, no rain..but it is supposed to be rainy the next few days..we are hoping the weatherman is wrong.

Sheba is coming out little by little...she doesn't hide in the computer room anymore behind the desk and wall..she was too cramped in there, she has stopped growling and hissing, now she just meows....she likes to sleep behind the loveseat, but we can see her better back there.

Mom added a few more photo's to her page..she takes what she can get right now. Soon we will share with you the kitten pics mom took of us as kittens of 7 weeks...in one of the photo's I look like I am kissing her...sweet, huh??

I am bigger then she is in the photo..I was a larger kitten, she was one of the runts along with the one next to her..you will see when mom gets the photo's..one will go on my page and 1 on hers.


Have a pawsome evening!
Bad Fur Day
Posted June 2, 2014 by Kelsee
What a day today. We had 84*, humid, cloudy and really windy and rain..don't forget to mention the rain and we might even get more rain tonight. Mom's internet was iffy all day today!!

We had a nice weekend though..no rain or anything, but it was hot. We were outside in the yard and playing in the house, etc. Mom even shared some ice cream with us.

It is too hot to even play with our toys, and today Jesse was walking around with his tongue hanging out panting..he was being goofy and running around the backyard in this humidity, he came up in the house and drank some cold water!

Well, I hope you have a pawsome evening!!! Take care!
Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!
Kels =^..^=
Memorial Day
Posted May 27, 2014 by Kelsee
What a day today..started out nice and sunny and 77* outside, so we went out in the yard and now we are having on and off thunder storms and it is 72*...the thunder scared us so I ran in the house and hid under mom's bed with Jesse.

We had a really nice Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday mom went to her sisters house for a family BBQ and yesterday she stayed home with us and invited her best friend over for burgers and beans.

It was 85* and sunny all day yesterday, best Memorial Day we have seen in ages, usually it rains and is cold out..so we really lucked out yesterday!

Mom is finished with her kitchen cabinets and only needs to put a second coat of white paint on her stripes and she will do that tonight, and then she is all done with the kitchen. We think it looks very pawsome.

We have been eating in the dining room since mom had the kitchen tore up, but tomorrow we get to move back to the kitchen..mom doesn't like out cat food all over her dining room carpet..can't imagine why not!!!

Hope you have a pawsome afternoon!
Purrs & Pawhuggz
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