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Posted May 11, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi every fur!

Today we woke up to cold again. Only 40* today, cloudy, but not too windy. So tired of this stuff. We have a freeze warning for tonight and have been told to cover all flowers{well, mom has not planted any yet}.

Our mom is sick again. She sure hates all the stress she is under and it is causing her ulcers to act up. Poor mom was sick today and tossed her food. She is still in her jam jams watching TV {Criminal Minds} and drinking a Vernors.

I am laying on the couch with mom so she has one of us to cuddle with. I am a good nurse maid and I love cuddling with her. Ben was on the couch with us, but when mom got up to 'go', he jumped off.

We enjoy having mom home with us, but she knows that eventually she will go back to work, diners, bars, gyms, libraries and bookstores will be among the last to open. Today all car repair garages, bike stores, and factories opened up.

Have a pawsome week.
Sunshine outside
Posted April 20, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Today we have a nice day outside. Sunny and no winds. No clouds either, just a purrfect sunny day. It is 50*, That's the warmest day we will have this week,

I had ham and turkey lunch-meat for lunch. Mom made a sandwich with deli-fresh lunch meat. Yummy. It was so thin and tasted so good. Loki had some too.

Mom went out for food again today. She got a bunch of Kroger coupons in the mail, so she went and used them. This time they actually sent her some she can use. Usually it is just one or two good ones...today she used 6.

Mom said purrty soon she is gonna have to order us ore food or go up to PSP and buy us some cause we are running out. We have enough for the week, but she isn't too sure about next week.

Mom missed our Governor's press conference when she was out. Can't wait to see what it is about. I bet she is extending the "stay-at-home-stay-safe" order, but mom will not know for sure til she sees the news.

Well, it is time for this feisty little calico girl to go and take a nap, I am yawning!

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Mom is feeling better
Posted April 13, 2020 by Kelsee
Good evening to all of you. I hope you are well fine and doing well. I am. My eyes are getting better and the swelling has gone down. Mom is very happy.

Mom was sik for 3 days. She had tummy flu and she couldn't eat too good. Today she got sick, too, and then went to sleep for awhile, woke up and came on her laptop, then had dinner. Mom has been drinking water, hot tea and Vernors and had chicken soup for dinner. She feels better now.

I was taking excellent care of her. I laid close to her all day or even on her lap. she woke up and I was sleeping on her chest. Mom says she is lucky to have such a lovely 'nurse' to care fo her.

Our weather wasn't as bad as 1st predicted. The winds did not get to 50 MPH, but more like 40...and our power never went out, we were lucky. the wind is dying down now, but it is cold at 45*.

Have a pawsome night
Stay safe and healthy!
It's Holy Week
Posted April 6, 2020 by Kelsee

Mom said this is Holy Week. OK!!! Does that mean us cats have to go around the house and put holes in everything???

Mom is doing alright, how is yours??? She is bored but she does get outside and go for short walks, or make an errand run. pretty soon she will be able to go outside and get her back porch ready for Spring, she said she gonna wash it all down and put out the chairs, etc.

Us cats are well and fine. Just being normal ole cats. I helped and supervised mom today when she cleaned out our boxes and changed our water bowl, it is always fun helping mom....as soon as clean litter goes in, I get in and make it wet. Mom thinks I am funny,

We are all ready for our 'family' Easter. Mom got a small little pork tenderloin, and a small bag of mashed potatoes, some buns and a cake for dessert. She has some candy to satisfy her 'sweet tooth'.

Have a great week
Stay healthy & safe
My poor Momma
Posted March 30, 2020 by Kelsee
Good evening

I am on late today. Mom was cleaning the apt up and she was getting dizzy so she had to go and lay down. Mom has a bad headache that will not go away. She thinks she got dizzy from lack of sleep. She hasn't slept in 4 nights now.

She laid on the couch all afternoon watching "Criminal Minds" and she is starting to feel somewhat better. She went in the kitchen and washed dishes and cleaned up. It was the only room she had left to do.

Me and Benny were nice and we climbed on the couch with mom all afternoon and cuddled with her. {Maybe that is why she feels better} but her headache is still hanging on. She can't take anymore headache meds til 8:00.

We have a lousy day today. It was only 41*, cloudy and windy all day. Dreary! it is supposed to be a chilly week. What happened to Spring???

Take care and stay safe!
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