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Monday mania
Posted February 17, 2020 by Kelsee

Happy Monday everyone! The beginning of a new week. Mom slept in til 10:30 today. I was still sleeping on the couch when she got up and she came over and patted me and said "Good morning pretty girl". I mewed at her and went back to sleep.

Then mom picked up all our dishes while she was making breakfast for herself {french toast}. she is soaking them in hot water and also cleaning off our placemats. She cleaned our litter boxes, took out the trash, and is also doing laundry.

I am waiting for the clean laundry to come back upstairs so I can jump in it and get cozy on the pile of warm clothes. i love laundry day.

Mom cleaned the apt up, she swept, took out the floor monster and mopped. She still has to wash dishes. I told her I would help when she did them.

have a pawsome afternoon~
It's Valentine Week
Posted February 10, 2020 by Kelsee

This is the week "love is in the air". Everyone shopping for Valentine gifts for their loved ones. Mom doesn't have anyone to shop for as she has no man in her life, so she doesn't buy anything...she does get herself some candy sometimes and she already bought pink frosted pretzel hearts.

All of us {except A Jinx} has a mate. Mine is in heaven. Angel Snickie. I will be with him on Valentine's night. We are going to dinner and playing Mouse Hockey together as he is on my team.

Today our mom took out the vacuum monster again. She really hates using it so much, but she said if she didn't use it her floors would always be dirty and she couldn't see her rugs through all the dirt, so she has no choice to use it. Ummmm! I say let her use a broom, but then she said she would have blisters. Poor mom.

Well, this old girl is headed for a kitty nap.

Valentine HUGS!~~
A nice weekend!
Posted February 3, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi all

We had a nice weekend. Of course mom had to work on Sat & Sun. But till it was a nice weekend. No rain, no snow, not a lot of wind and an entire day of sunshine. The sun is shining today too. This is the first sun we have seen in about 2 weeks. It has been so darn gloomy and grey.

It's funny cause the weatherman keeps calling for snowstorms every weekend and every weekend we don't get any snow. What kind of weather man is that? I'd be better at predicting the weather then he is.

Mom watched the 2 "Bowls' over the weekend. The CAT BOWL and the KITTEN BOWL. Both were a lot of fun to watch. The kittens were far more energetic then the adult cats were.

Today mom cleaned our boxes and washed our bowls again. She is always washing our bowls. I guess we wouldn't like eating dirty ones, right? After that she took out her broom and then her floor monster...yikes!!!!

Have a pawsome evening~
Purrs & Pawhuggz!
Nice to be back
Posted January 27, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Hi all. It sure is nice to be back among all my friends. Mom was so sick she could barely stay awake. She missed work for a week. She wasn't eating well, and was light-headed and just plain sick, nothing would stay down if she did eat. after a week of rest and medication, she is finally better.

Today it is cold outside. Only 36* and gloomy. Gray clouds no sunshine, just a cold grey gloomy day. A furtastic day to get in plenty of catnaps.

Mom cleaned out all of our litter boxes, and took out the floor monster and cleaned the floors, she washed all the dirty dishes from her soup, etc. she is soaking all of our kitty food dishes for our dinner later.

it is nice to have mom well and healthy again. I was scared when she was sick cause she was whiter then the white on my fur and I thought she was gonna die and leave us alone. But she pulled through. Thanks to all us good DR and Nurses who took care of her. We took turns snuggling with her.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Posted January 13, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.

Today is a nice day. We got freezing rain after an all day rain on Saturday. As it got dark and late, the temps dropped and that meant freezing rain. It dropped to the 20's overnight and on Sunday morning everything outside was a solid sheet of ice. mom had to get a ride to work.

Today it is 42* and mostly cloudy, but the sun is trying to come out. Not doing so good cause MR CLOUD COVER is winning.

Mom is doing laundry today and I can't wait for it to come of the dryer. I love to climb on top of freshly warm dryer clothes...so comfy. then of course I have to help mom fold them and then she puts them away.

Tomorrow mom is gonna venture out to Walmart. She has a few gift cards she got for Christmas and wants to see what she can get for herself. Supposed to be near 50* and sunny.

Have a nice evening!
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