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Posted August 5, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening.

OK...another Muggy Monday on paw. Why is it every Monday when it is my turn to blog I get to gripe and complain about our horrible weather?

The sun today is just horrid. Very steamy today, like a steam-bath out there. Kali snuck out when om took out the trash and mom had to go and chase her to get her back inside. it is just too hot at 90* for a kitty to be left outside. Good thing mom saw her escape.

All mom did today was go and return her DTV equipment back to them. they told her to go to the UPS store, so she did and now it is all gone. Mom has DISH now cause it was a lot cheaper. they are saving mom $25.00 a month for the same programming plus extra channels she never got before.

Then she cleaned the apt. washed our dishes and cleaned out our litter-boxes, washed her own dishes, too. Then she swept up some stuff on the wooden floor and in the bathroom, so now our apt is nice and clean...of course we have toys scattered here and there again.

Us cats have been sleeping most of the day. it is too hot to run and chase and play with toys, so sleep it is. Mom is just relaxing watching movies on TV.

Have a pawsome evening

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Jax wrote at August 20, 2019
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I love it when my mom cleans. I like when it's clean, and it's fun to supervise her too.
Kelsee wrote at August 19, 2019
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Mom cleans on Monday. Today she dusted, vacuumed, cleaned all our stuff and everything and even cleaned windows. It sure looks nice around here.

Mom gets done and then she spends the rest of the afternoon with us,
Kibbles wrote at August 6, 2019
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Sorry to hear it's to hot and you can't go outside. Kelsee, you need to tell Kali it's not nice to sneak outside. She could get left out with no water and no one would know. Bad Bad Kali.
Grammy is cleaning today. She only gots hers and Pappy's bedroom cleaned. She has been vac. and washing the wood floors, and cleaning the recliner and even vac the bed off, dusting the tv and furniture. She said now it fells nice and clean and she is ready to sleep in it. That was alot of work for Grammy. She told us all tomorrow she will tackle another room and really clean it.
We hopes your mom takes it easy cleaning and enjoys some of her day with you all.