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Posted February 15, 2021 by Kelsee

Meow! Today being Monday, we were forced under the bed again by that huge blue monster. I think it would eat us up if it could. Loki actually hissed at it and gave it a good smack. What a brave brother he is.

We are supposed to get around 7" of snow tis storm. Mom says she will believe it when it actually shows up. It was supposed to snow last night and never did til 6am this morning, and they say it will be back around mid afternoon and last through tomorrow dropping around 4-7".

Did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? It was alright. Mom had to work and when she got home she was too tired to play with us. She said it was very busy for only operating at 25% capacity. Mostly families though.

I am glad to have a big brother that is 16 pounds. When it is cold outside, I cuddle up next to him and he keeps me warm. I am a skinny little girl and have to be warm. Mom turns on he throw that is on the couch and I cuddle up on that as well. It is so warm.

Have a nice week!
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