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Posted January 7, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening.

OK, I ask you, how fast does one have to be going to have your car upside down on the street? yesterday when mom came home from work, there was a car outside of TX bar upside down, it's tires up in the air. Police were there as well as a ambulance and a fire truck. Mom saw 3 cars that may have been involved, but only one was upside down. we heard the crash moments before mom got home. She missed it, so she didn't see how it happened.{the TX Bar is 2 blocks from our apt on the same street}.

Today we have rain. it has been raining all day. This is Winter, where is all the fluffy white stuff called snow? it was 48* today, but by the weekend it is gonna be cold and only in the 20's. Mom said she is going to Walmart tomorrow.

This week my brother is a KING over on UC. I am happy for him. He is glad to be KING and be in the spotlight again. Now he is thinking of what to talk about and post pictures about. Mom isn't feeling all that great, so it will be iffy on a subject.

Mom got herself one of those techie things called "Google Home Hub". it tells her the weather, she finds recipes on it and it comes in handy. right now her Tv is not connected to wi-fi ​, so it can't turn it on or off, but she has a remote for that. It also plays music for mom, she told it to play 70's songs from Pandora, and it did. Our apt is not techie, so it can't turn on or off the lights either.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!
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