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Posted January 11, 2021 by Kelsee
Where are all of my friends? It's been very quiet here this year so far! We all stop by every day, but we never have any blogs answered. Hope you all will come out and visit.

It is very very quiet here today. The porch builders took a day off. They came on Saturday and Sunday and worked all day. They are rebuilding our back porch which has been falling down for years.

Today it is cloudy and 30*. No sun, no rain, no snow, but grey outside. Yesterday we at least had some sunshine.

Mom cleaned the apt today, so now everything looks very nice and neat until the young boys get energetic and take their toys out again. MOL!

Have a nice day!
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Grammy Crew wrote at January 13, 2021
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Hello Kelsee and family, We are still here everyday . Mostly at the Blue Lounge enjoying a trip. Come on over and see us all.
Grammy Crew
Chester wrote at January 11, 2021
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Meow meow Kelsee.. sure is a bit quiet... but here I am.. !!!