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Posted September 16, 2019 by Kelsee
Hi all

YES! Mom said that Autumn is just 1 week away. She has been decorating our pages for Autumn on our sites and doing hers on FB, too.

Mom put out all her Autumn decorations today, too. She said it is OK to do it a week early cause she has nothing else to do. It is very humid outside. The temp is only 76*, but the humidity is 76%, so it is even with the temp. For the 1st time in weeks mom has all her fans running.

Us cats don't even want to be outside cause the air is so thick. I went out and came back in. maybe this evening when it is cooler mom will let me go back out on the porch for awhile.

Mom cleaned all our litter boxes and all our food bowls and placemats and she took out the floor monster and then mop. She lies her new mop, it has a sprayer on it and now she doesn't need to wring out mops. It is kinda like the Swiffer Wet-Jet, but it is the Dollar general mopper. No battery required like the wet jet.

Mom got a new book in the mail called "The Institute" by her fave author Stephen King. It is a big book. I was sitting on it so mom can't read it yet. When she reads she doesn't pet me or let me sit in her lap...I make my way on her lap and get in the way of her reading...I love to bog mom!

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!
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Kelsee wrote at September 23, 2019
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Today we have lots of wind and sun. It was 74* outside today. We went out for awhile and laid in the sun. Figs was chasing leaves around before he went in his tent!
Jax wrote at September 17, 2019
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How fun that your mom is getting all ready for autumn. It has already arrived here; we have lots of rain and wind today and it feels like fall!
Grammy Warehime wrote at September 17, 2019
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Hope mom enjoys her new book.
Yes Autumn is coming quick. Grammy puts some of her decorations up too, she has a few more to do, but has to wait for Pappy to finish power washing the front of the house. Than she can puts her scarecrow up. She wants to buy some pumpkins too, but with 90 degree temps she's knows they will rot fast and stick so she not gots um yet. Hope your humidity goes away so you all can go back outside and enjoy.
Grammy also has one of those mops she loves it. Makes washing the floors so much faster. Almost fun. MOL!
Has a great day and enjoy whatever you do.
Grammy Warehime