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Posted December 17, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening.

We were home alone all day again. Mom went out to buy more Christmas decorations cause she lost most of hers when our basement flooded. She is replacing them a little at a time.

Our stockings sure are full. Mom's co worker gave her a huge bag of meow Mix for us for Christmas and also some toys which mom put directly in our stockings. She did give us 1 to play with though. I can't wait til next week to dig open the rest of them.

It has been kinda warm/cold outside. The weekend was in the 40's and today was 30*...oh well, We have no snow, no sunshine , just icky grey skies and chilly. Mom said she doesn't care if it snows or not, she hates it. We like it when it first comes down all nice fluffy and clean.

Well, it is time for my nap, so I am gonna go and lay down before I fall asleep on mom's laptop and she can't use it.


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