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Posted January 9, 2017 by Kelsee
It is a start of another warm up for us. Today it is 29*, and it is gradually warming up to the 50's by the weekend. It's no wonder everyone gets sick around here with such drastic temp changes!!!

Mom is off work until Thursday. So she will be home with us. She has no plans to go out anywhere, so we all will have her home, so we can play and cuddle with her...yippee!!!

Later in the week mom will be cleaning her bedroom and washing the baseboards and painting the walls, so we get to help her...she told us we better not be walking through any paint and make blue pawprints all over the house.....gee why not???

I got to snuggle with mom last night, I crawled under the quilt and got as close to mom as possible and went to sleep...mom said I helped her to stay warm...isn't that a nice thing to say???

Well, stay warm!
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