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Posted May 11, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi every fur!

Today we woke up to cold again. Only 40* today, cloudy, but not too windy. So tired of this stuff. We have a freeze warning for tonight and have been told to cover all flowers{well, mom has not planted any yet}.

Our mom is sick again. She sure hates all the stress she is under and it is causing her ulcers to act up. Poor mom was sick today and tossed her food. She is still in her jam jams watching TV {Criminal Minds} and drinking a Vernors.

I am laying on the couch with mom so she has one of us to cuddle with. I am a good nurse maid and I love cuddling with her. Ben was on the couch with us, but when mom got up to 'go', he jumped off.

We enjoy having mom home with us, but she knows that eventually she will go back to work, diners, bars, gyms, libraries and bookstores will be among the last to open. Today all car repair garages, bike stores, and factories opened up.

Have a pawsome week.
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Jax wrote at May 11, 2020
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Hope your mom feels better soon. Stay warm!