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Posted July 8, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

we had a great day. Mom got up and she had to go grocery shopping, so she did that and then after she had lunch she put the boys in their kitty tent and left the back door open for all of us to go outside. I laid o her extra chair in the sun.

It was only 80*, with lots of sun and wind, but no rain. Tomorrow mom will be going downtown to see the new Nature center. Supposed to be an indoor oasis from what she heard, so she is going to check it out.

After working hard for 5 days straight, poor mom has a backache and her arm hurts, but she took some backache pills and she can put a brace on her arm so it doesn't hurt so much.

It was so noisy here on the 4th and it still is...some idiots are still throwing off M80's. They are so loud they sound like it and they shake moms windows. Scares us and we hide under moms bed. make em stop!!!

Have a pawsome evening!
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