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Posted March 8, 2021 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Today we have a semi warm day. It is 60* but the wind is brutal. Mom went out on the back porch for awhile, then came back in cause she got cold with the wind blowing.

Us cats hate the wind, so we stay inside, we are smart and do not care to be blown away.

Mom cleaned the apt today like she does every Monday, except to day she also dusted. She doesn't every week as mom hates to dust cause she has so many knick-knacks to move around. She still needs to wash dishes, but other than that her chores are done.

Us cats just nap the afternoon away. Nothing like a good nap to refresh your energy. Not that I have much energy anymore. I'll be 18 on the 24th and I prefer to sleep and relax then run around, but sometimes I do get a blast of energy and play with Figaro or Benny.

Have a great afternoon!
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