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Posted February 3, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi all

We had a nice weekend. Of course mom had to work on Sat & Sun. But till it was a nice weekend. No rain, no snow, not a lot of wind and an entire day of sunshine. The sun is shining today too. This is the first sun we have seen in about 2 weeks. It has been so darn gloomy and grey.

It's funny cause the weatherman keeps calling for snowstorms every weekend and every weekend we don't get any snow. What kind of weather man is that? I'd be better at predicting the weather then he is.

Mom watched the 2 "Bowls' over the weekend. The CAT BOWL and the KITTEN BOWL. Both were a lot of fun to watch. The kittens were far more energetic then the adult cats were.

Today mom cleaned our boxes and washed our bowls again. She is always washing our bowls. I guess we wouldn't like eating dirty ones, right? After that she took out her broom and then her floor monster...yikes!!!!

Have a pawsome evening~
Purrs & Pawhuggz!
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Jax wrote at February 3, 2020
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I'm glad you got some sun. My mom enjoys the Kitten Bowl too. The kittens are very energetic!