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Posted May 24, 2021 by Kelsee

Today we had a cooler day from the past days. it was in the mid 80;s and near 90*. Yesterday we started at 86* and by 4 it dropped to 66* and we were in the 50's last night. Today was 74, but mostly sunny and breezy.

We got to go outside for awhile after mom cleaned the house, the boys in their playpen and me and Ben on the porch. I like to lay on the chair and nap and Benny lays under it.

Mom BBQ'd a steak and gave us a piece...it was so tender and juicy and good. She also had potatoes and corn, but we didn't get any of that stuff. We like gravy, but not potatoes.

Have a great week.
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Tate wrote at May 26, 2021
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Glad your staying cool Kelsee...its 90 degrees here! Sure glad we have central air to stay coolSmile Happy Memorial day to you and your family. Any picnic plans?