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Mom is under the weather
Posted March 1, 2021 by Kelsee

Today our mom is sick. She is aching all over and feel terrible. NO temp, but her head hurts too. Her chest was all congested, but now she took some medicine and it went away.

Mom is being lazy today and did not clean the apt at all. It was very nice not to see that big blue machine today. She said if she feels better tomorrow she will take it out. oh my.

I am laying on the couch with mom today and keeping he company. She decided to ty to sit up for awhile and do our sites.

Have a nice afternoon
Monday Morning Madness
Posted February 15, 2021 by Kelsee

Meow! Today being Monday, we were forced under the bed again by that huge blue monster. I think it would eat us up if it could. Loki actually hissed at it and gave it a good smack. What a brave brother he is.

We are supposed to get around 7" of snow tis storm. Mom says she will believe it when it actually shows up. It was supposed to snow last night and never did til 6am this morning, and they say it will be back around mid afternoon and last through tomorrow dropping around 4-7".

Did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? It was alright. Mom had to work and when she got home she was too tired to play with us. She said it was very busy for only operating at 25% capacity. Mostly families though.

I am glad to have a big brother that is 16 pounds. When it is cold outside, I cuddle up next to him and he keeps me warm. I am a skinny little girl and have to be warm. Mom turns on he throw that is on the couch and I cuddle up on that as well. It is so warm.

Have a nice week!
BIG Cold snap
Posted February 8, 2021 by Kelsee
We are in the middle of a "cold-snap". right now it is 16* and low tonight will be 10*, later in the week we will drop to the 7* at night. Highs maybe hitting the low 20's.

Mom had to dump garbage today, so she bundled up to go to the trash bin. It is just too cold to be out there with no coat and gloves.

Mom cleaned the apt up today. It looks pretty nice and clean until the boys get their toys back out and scatter them about for mom to step on.

Mom is back to work and got her 1st paycheck yesterday. She is going to the bank tomorrow to cash it and go shopping with her sister to Kroger. Too cold to be waiting for busses.

Have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm!
Snowy off and on
Posted February 1, 2021 by Kelsee

Today we have a chilly Monday with snow flurries on and off. Nothing really sticking to the ground though...they said we MIGHT see 1-2" of it.

Mom terrified us again today with that vicious floor monster. I hate that thing. We all run and hide from it. Mom has to be sure all our toys are picked up before she takes it out.

Good mews!!! Today all MI diners opened for Dine-in. 25% capacity. {Some diners opted not to open as it will not be worth it}. Mom goes back to work on Thursday, and she will get her 1st paycheck again on Sunday.

Time for my mid afternoon nap. I am old and need my beauty sleep.

Weird January
Posted January 18, 2021 by Kelsee

This has been a weird month weather-wise. Most of the month so far has been in the upper 30's, but we have days in the 40's. Only flurries, but no snow piling up. Only 3 days of sunshine, too. The rest have been cloudy just like today.

I am doing well, still feisty as ever for being 17. Mom is happy I am still in good health. Sis Kali, however, has liver disease and is not doing well. She is on Steroids until Feb 7th. She is 14. She is sleeping soundly right now.

The boys are rather feisty as well. Still happy. Right now is naptime so we are all sleeping in our 'spots'. Mom got us some 'self-heating' sleeping mats and we enjoy them. They are nice and soft to lay on.

Have a good day!
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