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Me and mom decorated
Posted December 10, 2018 by Kelsee
Our mom decorated the apt today. I helped her. I was helping her check the lights and crawling under her tablecloth and chasing cords and garland around. I love to help mom. Our place looks pretty. Our stockings are up, but so far they are empty.

It is very cold today. Only got to 25*, and snow flurries off and on most of the day. The sunshine never even bothered to come out.

Other then helping mom today. Me and Benny napped, he was hiding under the bed while me and mm decorated. I guess he thinks he didn't want to be in the way. He did jump in a box, then jumped back out.

Hope you have a pawsome night!

Purrz & Pawhuggz!!!
Rain all day
Posted December 3, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi everyone:

We had a lot of rain the other day. It was raining little, then a lot and then it poured down really hard, then it quit and rained again later. I wish it was snow cause I want to see them white flakes flying around, I sit in the window and 'chase' them.

the new landlord came over on FRI and installed our new window. Mom said it is about time, she only had to wait a year to get it, but now it is nice and warm in here and we don't shiver anymore.

I was helping mom color today. I knocked the box of color pencils on the floor and climbed in the box and took a nap. Then I woke up and sat on her page she was coloring, she loves my help. I like to paw at her page and try to use the pencil too. I rub my face all over it.

Mom said she was gonna decorate our place next week. I get to help. I like to chase the garland and lights. Benny bites the garland and drags it around. Decorating is fun with cats, don't you think? we are excellent helpers.

Have a pawsome evening!
Snow is coming
Posted November 26, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi friends/

I hope this finds you doing well. I am doing fine. Mom has a headache, or rather she had one, but it is gone now. She wanted to go out and cash her check today and stop and get milk, but it was raining earlier and now it is windy. We are supposed to have snow sometimes later this evening. Not much, just 1-2".

It is only ​33* here, it was supposed to be 39*, and it was 37* when we got up, but now it is dropping. Mom said she will go out tomorrow and cash her check and buy milk. She has everything else she needs for now.

I found a turkey leg in the bedroom. I guess one of the other cats dragged it in there. Mom gave it to me yesterday when she tore her bird apart, she gave the other one to her neighbor, Charlie, who owns our 1/2 brother, George.

I was chomping on it and dropped it on mom's bed by her face this morning, so when she woke up she had a turkey leg in her face. She told me I was a 'silly' girl and she put it in the kitchen for me.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Purrz & Pawhuggs!!!
Thanksgiving is almost here
Posted November 19, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening.

Well, Turkey day is almost here. Today mom took hers out of the freezer and put it on the bottom of the fridge and on WED she will put it in the sink and cover it with a towel.

I had fun today. I cuddled with mom and helped her color some color pages and I laid in the middle of her page, I pet her and followed her all over.

Mom is gonna be home with us all week. She has Thanksgiving day off work. But tomorrow she is going to the bank to cash her pay check and pick up a few items...nothing for T-day as she has everything.

She took out that dreaded floor monster today and I had to run and hide under her bed with Kali, but Benny is a brave cat, he laid on top of the bed and never moved, even when mom bought the monster in her room.

Have a great evening!
The return of the RED dot
Posted November 12, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening

Last night mom found our red dot maker. I thought it was lost for good. But she found it. I had the best time chasing it around the room and up the walls. Benny just sat there watching me and Kali was sleeping. Mom was laughing at me cause I am 15 and I was playing like a kitten. I love the red dot.

Today mom cleaned out the fridge. She took all her food out and took all the shelves out and put them in the sink and washed them all. She even washed the bottom of jars before putting them back. When she took the bottom drawers out she saw a lot of cat hairs, she looked at me and said "How on earth do you guys get cat hair in my fridge"? I don't know, maybe while she was at work, we investigated what was in there. She said it looked like one of us slept in there all night. Burr!!! Now the fridge is nice and clean.

She threw out a bunch of old food she found in the back, one was a big black mushy thing she said used to be a tomato she forgot she had. Ewwww. I wouldn't eat that.

Now I ask? Do i look like a bunny??? mom said "kelsee, you are my sweet little cuddle bunny". here is a bunny..does this look like me???

Purrz & Pawhuggz!

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