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My V-E-T visit +
Posted June 11, 2018 by Kelsee
​Good evening.

I had my Vet appt on FRI. The vet told mom I was very well behaved. He checked my eyes, ears, mouth, teeth. heartbeat and weighed me, I am 8 pounds. I got my 2 vaccines and my nails clipped. He told mom I am very healthy for a 15 year old kitty and will probably live another 5 or so years...wow, mom was happy to hear that.

Today it was 77* with lots of sunshine. The skies are a beautiful blue. But it was a tad windy. But we all got to go outside anyway. Sheba was trying to get George and Woody to come out and play, but Charlie did not answer his back door to her meows. Funny girl. I told her she had to knock, but she just meowed.

Mom BBQ'd her dinner tonight and had macaroni and pork chop with green beans. She cooked the mac upstairs first, then put it in foil with butter, salt, a little pepper and parsley, put it in foil and let it stay hot on the grill. Mom have me her bone when she was done with her chop. Yummy!

Have a great day!
Windy and cooler
Posted June 4, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi all.

this week will be a lot cooler for us. Today was windy and 72* outside. Cloudy and some sun. Mom took the bus to the bank and cashed her check and got some flowers and cat food. It is much too windy to ride her bike today.

I was helping mom hang solar lights in the backyard around her fence. they are multi-color raindrop lights. when it gets dark we are going outside to see how pretty they are.

George was outside with us and so was his brother, Woody. Woody is still kinda shy and he hung out on the porch by himself. he isn't very used to us yet, but as soon as he spends more time outside he will get to know us and feel more comfy.

We got treats today. No catnip this time, but treats. Treats are always good. I get catnip and go crazy. Mom says I act like a kitten when I get into it.

Have a pawsome evening!
So Humid and hot
Posted May 29, 2018 by Kelsee
​Where did Spring go, you ask?? I have no clue. It has been so hot and humid lately. It has been near 90* or the past 2 days. We BBQ'd yesterday for Memorial Day, but today mom just had a Cobb Salad for dinner. Not much of a dinner if you ask me
All the kitties got to go outside today. Even George & Woody were outside. We all hang in the back yard. Mom has our kitty tent up, and I snooze in it cause it has a cozy kitty mat in it to sleep on. Mom keeps a bowl of water in it for us, too and she puts ice cubes in it for us. But it got too hot to stay outside, so we all came back in the house and mom did too.

Well, it looks like the Hockey Finals are Vegas & Washington...in kitty hockey that would be OC{VEGAS} and my 2 Angel brothers A Jesse & AJ are on that team, and the the Caps or in kitty hockey{FXP-Furball Express} has Angel Winston on it. So us girls are gonna cheer for the OC--who won game 1, and the boys are gonna cheer for Win's team. It is too hot for hockey if you ask me....but if my team{KCK} would have been lucky enough to make it to the finals, I'd still be playing instead of watching.

I* hope you all have a pawsome week!
{Miss Kelsee}
Posted May 21, 2018 by Kelsee
It has been a wet weekend. It rained Saturday, and not Sunday, but it rained today, too. Saturday it started raining when mom was coming home from work and she had to ride her bike home...she got home before it rained harder​, but she was wet.

Sunday was OK, kinda wet and humid, our May has been either cool or wet. We had a few nice days. Mom got to BBQ once so far. She could have more, but sometimes her tummy hurts and she doesn't want to eat.

I have a Vet appt to get my vaccines up-to-date. I am 2 years behind on both my Distemper and Rabies, but I never leave the confines of our back yard, so I am alright. I am not worried about Rabies cause I never go near rabid animals.

Our friend the black squirrel had a litter of babies. She came to see mom for snacks and her belly is all full of big ole nipples, she comes and gets food and runs away with it, comes back for more and does the same thing every day. Mom said she is gonna buy her some peanuts and snack assortment...apples too cause she likes apples and cookies, crackers, cereal...well just about anything mom gives to her.

Have a nice evening!
Dried out for now
Posted May 14, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening

It turned out to be a nice day. It got to 74* and the sun came out after a wet rainy night and morning. Around 2:00 the sun started coming out, so mom went out to cash her check and got us cat food and got a potted hanging plant and some food from Kroger.

We went outside with mom and she cleaned out the garden of all the dead leaves and weeds, so now she can plants pretty flowers, then she watered down the yard and got all the dirty dirt off the cement and put in her new garden border with solar lighting.

I checked out the yard by sniffing all the stuff. I know what it is already, but it has been put away in storage for a year and smells different now. I left my scent on all of it...now it is mine. Then I rolled around on the pavement with Benny and George.

Now we are back inside with mom and I am sitting on mom's lap blogging. {the REAL Kelsee is curled up in the bed sleeping}.

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