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Dreary day, but 68*
Posted June 17, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Well. what a day. Rain this morning, then it stopped and it has been cloudy ever since. Some sun came out but not very much and not for very long.

Mom was outside and she let us out cause we have been stuck inside all weekend due to wet weather. So sick of wet weather now and cold. Mom had to turn her heat back on and use her heated blankie again. dropped down to the 40's last night.

I went outside and climbed up on the extra chair and took a nap. No sun to warm my fur, but I curled up and napped away.

Have a pawsome evening!

JUNE??? Really?
Posted June 3, 2019 by Kelsee

Today was cold. We only hit 58*, it was sunny, but we had northerly winds which made it cold. Mom mailed a package at the Post office and had to wear a jacket cause it was cold. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 78* and partly cloudy...mom is going to go out tomorrow.
Mom has a fluffy blanket on the couch over her and she has her heat on and she even had to put an extra blanket on the bed last night as it dropped to 45*. Summer is coming soon, so we sure hope it gets a lot warmer so we can go back outside.

What is a cracker barrel?? Mom is going there tomorrow for some chicken. We see ads on TV for it all the time, but I am a cat and I don't understand a lot of human stuff. I sure do hope that mom brings home some chicken for me. I loves chicken.

We are having a few celebrations here. On June 1st we had Figaro's 1st birthday and today is Benny's 2 year gotcha day. Had to believe he has been here for 2 years already. Time sure flies. But he is a good quiet cat.


Sun and nice
Posted May 27, 2019 by Kelsee
​Good evening

I am sorry I missed last week. Mom was getting things ready for her back porch. She strung lights and has all her chairs and stuff out now. None of us were on cause mom said if one doesn't get on, then none of us should,
Today was a nice day. 71* and sunny. When mom cam home she opened the back door and let us go outside. Figaro was afraid to go out, he kept stepping out and running back in, he was skittish, so mom is letting him do it all by himself.

Mom made a bunch of coasters for the living room now that she painted the walls burgundy, she made coasters to match and also made some for the dining room. Figaro was helping her. He kept taking the yarn and running off with it.

Mom told me that us old ladies need to 'stick together'. Loki doesn't like me and Kali and he is always picking on us, so mom yelled at him and tells him to leave us ladies alone. he doesn't listen though. Last night he was picking on me, so mom took me on the bed with her and told me to stick with her cause us 'old ladies need to stick together'. I am older then mom is human years.

I can take care of myself, but it is nice having mom looking out for me and Kali. I can get right in there and pawsmack and growl with the best of them. I can fight if I have to. Girl or not, I can get down and dirty if I have to.

100% Better
Posted May 13, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening friends

I am a week behind here cause mom was busy painting her apt. it does look very nice. The dining room is dark turquoise with light turquoise trim and the living room is burgundy. Mom also bought burgundy drapes to match the room.

While mom was busy spring painting she wasn't going online cause she would be too tired. Mom is not as young as she used to be and climbing up and down the ladder makes her all achy.

I am happy to be better and I want to thank you all for being here for me and mom. Thank you for all your prayers and gifts you sent to my page. I am sorry if I didn't reply to all of you personally, but I am behind. So THANK YOU so much!!!

I am eating all my dinner now. I like the new Sheba Perfect Portions now. It is just enough for this old gal. I don't eat as much as I used to when I was a growing kitty. Figaro eats 3 times a day ​...he wakes up mom at 8 am for his breakfast, then at noon he gets his lunch and at 5:30 we all get dinner. Figs finishes all of his, then goes from bowl to bowl and eats up what anyone else left behind...he never finds anything in my bowl. Benny always leaves some as does Lokes.

Slowly getting better
Posted April 29, 2019 by Kelsee
​Home from Vet appt. Kel is doing a little better. She did evacuate at some point. he is happy she is eating a little bit. Her fever is gone. He gave her more fluids and another Covenia injection. She is resting comfortably in her bed by the heat.

It is really cold out and raining. Only 40* I covered her stroller with a blanket to keep the cold air off of her. Their is a sign out by the Hardware store that says "Spring is here". 40* is more winter-like then Spring.

That's it for now! Will keep you posted. She wants to thank all her friends for their prayers.

After I got home, home cleaned the house really good, she swept, did dishes and took out trash and then she took out the floor monster. She know how much I hate that big blue thing, so mom picked me up and took me in her room and put me on her bed under the blankies. I feel safe from the monster there and mom doesn't use it in her bedroom every week.

Figaro wants to play with me, but I am not up to playing right now, but he sniffs me and paws my tail until I hiss at him, then he goes away to find Loki.

I wanna go back to sleep now.sleeping

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