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Nice to be back
Posted January 27, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Hi all. It sure is nice to be back among all my friends. Mom was so sick she could barely stay awake. She missed work for a week. She wasn't eating well, and was light-headed and just plain sick, nothing would stay down if she did eat. after a week of rest and medication, she is finally better.

Today it is cold outside. Only 36* and gloomy. Gray clouds no sunshine, just a cold grey gloomy day. A furtastic day to get in plenty of catnaps.

Mom cleaned out all of our litter boxes, and took out the floor monster and cleaned the floors, she washed all the dirty dishes from her soup, etc. she is soaking all of our kitty food dishes for our dinner later.

it is nice to have mom well and healthy again. I was scared when she was sick cause she was whiter then the white on my fur and I thought she was gonna die and leave us alone. But she pulled through. Thanks to all us good DR and Nurses who took care of her. We took turns snuggling with her.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Posted January 13, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.

Today is a nice day. We got freezing rain after an all day rain on Saturday. As it got dark and late, the temps dropped and that meant freezing rain. It dropped to the 20's overnight and on Sunday morning everything outside was a solid sheet of ice. mom had to get a ride to work.

Today it is 42* and mostly cloudy, but the sun is trying to come out. Not doing so good cause MR CLOUD COVER is winning.

Mom is doing laundry today and I can't wait for it to come of the dryer. I love to climb on top of freshly warm dryer clothes...so comfy. then of course I have to help mom fold them and then she puts them away.

Tomorrow mom is gonna venture out to Walmart. She has a few gift cards she got for Christmas and wants to see what she can get for herself. Supposed to be near 50* and sunny.

Have a nice evening!
Lazy Monday
Posted January 6, 2020 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Today is another lazy Monday. Mom got up at 11am and cleaned the house. Monday is cleaning day for mom. She took out trash, cleaned the bathroom sink and potty, took all our food dishes away and has them soaking in the sink, and she vacuumed the house.

Mom also went to the store cause she needed milk, eggs and sugar, but came back with more then just those. NO food for us though, right now we have plenty but she will buy some soon.

Today it is sunny, but it is windy and chilly. Supposed to be in the mid 40's. It is 44*, but doesn't feel that warm.

Last night I was sleeping by mom in her bed and Figaro got on the bed and walked on me, I growled at him and he pawsmacked me. Then he went and got comfy in another spot on the bed. I like laying under the covers right next to mom and so does he, but I was not about to move.

Have a pawsome afternoon~
Happy Monday!
Posted December 30, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.

Happy New Years Eve eve!~ I ca't believe we made it to another year. Wow...time flies when you have fun.

It is cold, cloudy and windy today. When we all got up at 11am it was 45* and ow at 3:00pm the temp has dropped to 39*. It has been dropping all day.

Mom scared me today. She was cleaning the house and I was sound asleep and snoring in my bed. All of a sudden I hear a BIG noise. Mom took out the floor monster. I heard it come on. Mom told me she tried to tell me she was getting it out, but I was sound asleep and did NOT hear her. I jumped awake and ran like a panther to hide under moms bed.

Loki is the BRAVE cat we have and he just sits and watches mom vacuum. What kind of cat do you call him??? Maybe he can't hear or see {MOL}. Even all our Angels were afraid of it.

Have a safe and happy new years eve. Hope it is quiet by you and you don't scared by gunfire and fire crackers like we do every year!

HAPPY 2020!

Miss Kelsee
Cold & Sunny
Posted December 16, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Today we have a cold and sunny day. Right now it is clouding up so the sun is going and coming. We had snow fluffies earlier this morning, and from the looks of the future forecast it looks like NO snow for Catmas.

Mom cleaned up today and let me meow to you...she cleaned our mats, water fountain and bowls, and she even sanitized our bowls. She usually just washes them out, but today she let them soak in hot soapy bleach water...not too sure she did that cause none of us are sick. She even did it to our litter-boxes. Once a month she sanitizes them too.

Then after she got our stuff done, she swept, and mopped and then had the nerve to bring out that loud noisy floor monster and we all hid under her bed {except Loki, he just stayed on the couch watching--brave boy}.

Mom is decking out all of our site pages for Christmas. She did it here, on PAWS, FP and UnitedPets. I see you are over there, too!~~

Well, I am off to take me a much needed and well deserved kitty nap. Us 'elderly lady cats' need our beauty sleep!

Have a pawsome week!~~
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