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A cooler day.
Posted May 24, 2021 by Kelsee

Today we had a cooler day from the past days. it was in the mid 80;s and near 90*. Yesterday we started at 86* and by 4 it dropped to 66* and we were in the 50's last night. Today was 74, but mostly sunny and breezy.

We got to go outside for awhile after mom cleaned the house, the boys in their playpen and me and Ben on the porch. I like to lay on the chair and nap and Benny lays under it.

Mom BBQ'd a steak and gave us a piece...it was so tender and juicy and good. She also had potatoes and corn, but we didn't get any of that stuff. We like gravy, but not potatoes.

Have a great week.
Winter's big return
Posted March 15, 2021 by Kelsee
Oh dear. Looks like the calendar is going backwards. We had some really nice days last week and were able to go outside in the sun on the back porch, but this week it is cold again. We are only gonna be in the 40's for 2 days and 20's at night.

Mom got her state income tax back today, so she ordered the boys a larger pen for the back porch. It is a zippered one and mom got a pad and a mat for the water bowl, too. She got it from CHEWY, so it should come in 2 days.

She is also gonna order us some cat food in cases {from Chewy} and get herself a new coffee table and a new dining set as well from Wayfair.

Had our dinner so now it is time for my early evening nap. Us old gals need our sleep you know. The boys prefer to play after dinner, but I sleep.

have a great week!
Happy St Patricks day
A semi warm day
Posted March 8, 2021 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Today we have a semi warm day. It is 60* but the wind is brutal. Mom went out on the back porch for awhile, then came back in cause she got cold with the wind blowing.

Us cats hate the wind, so we stay inside, we are smart and do not care to be blown away.

Mom cleaned the apt today like she does every Monday, except to day she also dusted. She doesn't every week as mom hates to dust cause she has so many knick-knacks to move around. She still needs to wash dishes, but other than that her chores are done.

Us cats just nap the afternoon away. Nothing like a good nap to refresh your energy. Not that I have much energy anymore. I'll be 18 on the 24th and I prefer to sleep and relax then run around, but sometimes I do get a blast of energy and play with Figaro or Benny.

Have a great afternoon!
Mom is under the weather
Posted March 1, 2021 by Kelsee

Today our mom is sick. She is aching all over and feel terrible. NO temp, but her head hurts too. Her chest was all congested, but now she took some medicine and it went away.

Mom is being lazy today and did not clean the apt at all. It was very nice not to see that big blue machine today. She said if she feels better tomorrow she will take it out. oh my.

I am laying on the couch with mom today and keeping he company. She decided to ty to sit up for awhile and do our sites.

Have a nice afternoon
Monday Morning Madness
Posted February 15, 2021 by Kelsee

Meow! Today being Monday, we were forced under the bed again by that huge blue monster. I think it would eat us up if it could. Loki actually hissed at it and gave it a good smack. What a brave brother he is.

We are supposed to get around 7" of snow tis storm. Mom says she will believe it when it actually shows up. It was supposed to snow last night and never did til 6am this morning, and they say it will be back around mid afternoon and last through tomorrow dropping around 4-7".

Did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? It was alright. Mom had to work and when she got home she was too tired to play with us. She said it was very busy for only operating at 25% capacity. Mostly families though.

I am glad to have a big brother that is 16 pounds. When it is cold outside, I cuddle up next to him and he keeps me warm. I am a skinny little girl and have to be warm. Mom turns on he throw that is on the couch and I cuddle up on that as well. It is so warm.

Have a nice week!
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