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Posted April 16, 2018 by Kelsee

Wow, yesterday morning when mom went to work, everything was coated in ice. This is crazy weather for April. More like November if you ask me. But we did not get snow like some places did. It looks like we are going to go straight into Summer.

Poor mommy is so tired. She has to work til the end of the month without a day off cause the other dishwasher where she works had to go to Albania for a funeral and the boss has nobody else to cover right now...mom is just thinking about the ​money she be making and not the hours and days she will be working.

Of course this means she is NOT home with us until after 4:00 in the afternoon, so we are left home all alone from 8:45am til 4pm...can you imagine all the trouble we can get into being alone that long for so many days???

But being 15, I am a good girl and never get into trouble. Sheba gets into trouble everyday, even mom is home cause she growls and picks fights with all the rest of us. You would think after being here for almost 5 years now she would be used to us by now. Go figure.

I hope you have a pawsome evening.
Easter week.
Posted April 2, 2018 by Kelsee
Good afternoon

Well, here we are. Easter week. The kids are out of school all week on their Spring break, so we have them outside{some of them}.

It is very nice today, partly cloudy, lots of sun and no wind, so a calm cool day. It is 40*. Tomorrow it is supposed to be rainy, so we enjoy the sun today.X

We had a nice Easter. Mom had the day off work, so she was home with us all day. She made a pork roast and it was very good. I had 3 pieces of it. Nice, juicy and tender.....and we have leftovers for tonight...yummy.

Our Detroit Tigers lost a double header to the Pirates yesterday. Both their previous games were rained out, so they did a DH...today it is tied with the Royals...at least for now...1/1 in the 5th inning.

Nap time, so I am gonna say so long
Had a pawsome birthday!
Posted March 26, 2018 by Kelsee
Hi all

Today it is a nice sunny day and it is 45*...tomorrow the clouds are gonna break open and we will have rain, so we are enjoying the sunshine while we have it.​

Me and Sheebs a pawsome birthday...mom got me a can of Fancy Feast and Sheba got a can of Sheba...MOL! We also got a jug of KONG premium catnip and mom said we had 'glassy eyes' after we ate it, and I slept really well that night. I can't believe we are 15 already!

I saw a fly today..can you believe it? A Fly??? it was flying around our window outside. Is it time for flies already?? I saw a bunch a birds on the roof across the street and a few squirrels outside on our back porch looking for morsels to eat.

I can't wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine on my fur. We are all getting "cabin fever". When mom opens the back door to take out her trash, we all come running to go outside, we know it is almost time to set the yard up and cook out there.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Bright Sunshine
Posted March 19, 2018 by Kelsee
Today is a nice day, although chilly, the sky is pretty blue​ and the sun is shining brightly....no rain in the forecast for the entire week.

Mom had the window open for a little bit yesterday as the temp made it to 55* and the sun was shining, but then mom got chilly cause the wind was from the north and coming in, so she closed it back.

It was really quiet here on St pat's night, even though we have 2 bars within walking distance of our apt building, nobody was outside causing mischief or anything.

We have mom home with us for the next 3 days. She is going out tomorrow for a short time to cash her check and stop at Kroger for groceries, then she will be back home.

Have a pawsome day!
Last nice day!
Posted March 5, 2018 by Kelsee
Good evening!!!

Well, today will be our last nice day until FRI. Today it was 33* and partly sunny, but now it is all cloudy and rain is moving in and it is supposed to be rainy through Thursday night...rain/snow/sleet mix, doesn't that sound like a nice 3 days of bad weather???

Today I cuddled on the couch with mom all day...well, some of the day. Mom wasn't home all day, she die go out to cash her paycheck and buy a few things and had lunch with her best friend....then when she came home, sat and and got comfy with the TV on, I jumped in her lap and went to sleep.

We had roast pork for dinner...boy was it ever good and juicy and tender...mo gave me a few bites of it. I love people meat of all kinds....she will have leftovers tomorrow and so I will get more of it. I wish it were tomorrow already!

I was playing with my ribbon toy today...mom like to drag it on the floor and I chase it, then of course the other 3 have to join in and chase it too...mom laughs at me cause she says I act like a kitten when I play and I am 14...I will be 15 on the 24th.

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