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Nice Easter weekend
Posted April 22, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

We had a pawsome Easter Sunday. Mom had to go to work and when she came home, she made dinner, pork roast, potatoes, corn and buns with gravy. We all got some pork which was really good. We also had ham that mom bought home from work.

It was a nice Sunday with lots of sunshine, but windy and kinda coolish. Today was better with 65* and lots of sunny skies with more wind. Mom was outside part of the day and then came back inside. She set up her back porch and filled planters with dirt getting ready for flowers.

Loki went outside with Benny on the back porch, but mom had to put him back inside cause he was gonna go after mom squirrel. Benny just walked around and wanted in cause he didn't like the wind. I stayed in the house.

Hope you all have a pawsome week.

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Sunny but chiily
Posted April 15, 2019 by Kelsee
Good afternoon.X

We have a bright sunny day today, but it is chilly. Only 55*. A few white fluffers in the sky above.

Mom went to the store for cat food and vernors and a few other things, but nothing for Easter. She is going to Walmart tomorrow, she said she will buy jelly beans and peeps only, mom doesn't want to gain back all the weight she lost.X

When she came home she found all of us sitting by the back door waiting to go outside, but we can't go out. The yard is messy with boards, nails, scraps of junk, boxes full of garbage, etc. mom doesn't want us escaping through the gate.X

Our little squirrel came back. She is in the "Family way" according to mom. She has a chubby tummy and wobbles when she walks. Mom gave her A HANDFUL of nuts, she took them and ran away with them, then came back for the rest she left in the bowl. I can't wait to see her little babies when they follow her over here.X

have a pawsome afternoon!X
Beautiful Day!
Posted April 8, 2019 by Kelsee

Today it was beautiful outside. Mom spent the entire day outside bringing things up to the porch so it is ready for Spring and Summer . All she has left to bring up is her BBQ grill and that is too heavy for mom to bring up by herself. She has most everything else up...she has lots of little things to set up, but all her big things are up.

We stayed in the house. Since the new owner took over, the yard is OFF LIMITS to all tenants now. They have to use their porch. Good thing we have a nice big porch. Mom can;t let us go out cause she knows er will not be good and stay on the porch and we will venture down to the yard, and that is dangerous cause of the open gates with workers in and out.

We made it to 72* and the sun was out, but it was windy. Mom hates wind, but she was out working in it anyway. It blows everything everywhere and slams doors shut, etc. It is still 66* and it is 8:00.​
Have a nice evening!!
April Fools day
Posted April 1, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening.

Today I played a April fool's day joke on my mom. It was funny. I thought poor mom was gonna cry.

When she got up, I had my little kitty bag packed with my food and toys and I told mom I was moving out cause she bought in 2 annoying little brothers. Then I popped up and gave mom a hug and said "April Fools mom, I love you and would never move out," She gave me a huge tight hug.

It is cold today. Only 34* and windy, but the sun is shining at least. Mom walked up to the Bakery only to discover they are closed on Monday. So she stopped at the 'sweet shoppe' and picked up a pack of cookies.

Well, I am tired . being 16 wears you out. I ate my dinner, washed my face and now I am about to cuddle with mom on the couch!!!

have a pawsome evening!
My 16th birthday.
Posted March 25, 2019 by Kelsee
Good evening

I had the bestest birthday. Mom got me some kitty food, treats, catnip and a new ball...it is purple glittery and has a long purple feathery thing and 2 purple and 2 pink ribbons hanging from it Very pretty. I was pulling it around earlier.

My b/f took me out to dinner after MHL last night. We went and had ribs, catnip potatoes with gravy and of course a bottle of catpaign to celebrate. We danced the night away. he gave me a beautiful rd heart necklace with both our initials engraved on it. he is so sweet, I love him.

Today was 39* and windy. Mom had to go out shopping and to the bank to cash her paycheck. She got Benny new kibble. he has stomach issues so he has to eat Hills Science Diet Sensitive stomach food. he likes it though. But he doesn't care for the canned.

Mom has been doing some Spring cleaning. I like to help. She sweeps by moving furniture and then wipes the baseboards down, cleans windows, etc. She can't wait to go outside and set up our back porch.

Have a pawsome evening!​
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