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I am awesome
Posted November 23, 2020 by Kelsee
I had a good Vet appt last week. I am in great health for a 17 year old girl. he looked in my eyes, ears, mouth, and trimmed my nails, weighed me and gave me a shot. He told mom I am mostly deaf. I can't hear things unless it is very loud. I had me a distemper shot. I weigh 6 pounds. I am a very petite girl.

Today it is 43*, not very warm out there at all. Mom is staying home with us all day. Tomorrow she is going out to Walmart for the last time til next Spring....om hates Holiday shopping and the crowds in the stores. {Although this year with Covid, maybe no big crowds}.

The magic fairy strikes! Mom did laundry yesterday and guess what? one of her red slipper sox disappeared....her machine is in her kitchen, so the slipper must be around somewhere, but her can't locate it. Ummmm!!!!

Mom is off work til 12/8. Hopefully they will not extend the lockdown past that. Mom hopes not anyway.

have a great day
3 week shutdown for mom
Posted November 16, 2020 by Kelsee

OK..according to our Governor she is shutting down bars, diners, movie theaters, etc for 3 weeks starting WED. she plans to re-open these businesses on 12/8 if we slide down in cases. So, our mom will be home with us for 3 weeks now. She did have to work Thanksgiving, but not now, and she will also be off on her birthday.

It will be nice having mom home with us again, but she just got back to work 5-6 weeks ago and is now off again, she said she has enough money for 3 weeks, and hopefully it will not go further then that.

We had some wild weather yesterday, lots of rain and high winds. Lots of people are still without power, ours never went out, but mom said it went out 2 times at work, but came back on.

Today mom cleaned house and it sure looks clean and tidy now and our boxes are all super cleaned out and our dishes are soaking in hot water.

Guess what??? Mom ordered us a new kitty scratch post/tree. 61" high with 2 beds at the top and 2 inner places to get into. Our one we have now is broken down, loose and almost bare where the sisal rope goes...mom replaced the rope on a few posts but it is all raggedy again. it will be nice to have a brand new one.

Have a good day!
Big November heatwave!
Posted November 9, 2020 by Kelsee
We are still in the heat wave foe the 2nd week now. Right now it is 75*, sunny and calm. Mom actually walked to the store with no coat on and sandals, which she had to dig out as she put them away.

I want to go outside, but they are out there working and they already tore up some of the back porch, so mom said it is too dangerous for us cats to go outside til they are done.

All of moms pretty flowers are dead and droopy. Poor flowers don't look so purrty anymore. I feel sad for them.

Mom cleaned our boxes today and has our food bowls soaking in the sink in hot water, she cleaned our food mats, water spout, and swept up around our eating areas.

Hope you all have a pawsome afternoon
Very Quiet Night
Posted November 2, 2020 by Kelsee
Hi all

We had a very quiet Devil's night and Halloween this year! NO kids anywhere. Our Governor cancelled door-to-door begging for the kids. Home parties were allowed and some schools that are open had parties for the kids. they cancelled mall and other activities as well.

Mom had to work, and she wore her kitty ears to work and her Halloween sweatshirt instead of her uniform shirt, but it was alright, her boss knows on certain holidays workers will wear what they want.

It was very cold yesterday and our wind was really whipping around out there. We even had snow flurries off and on and only saw 39* for a high. Today it is 43* and still windy but the sun is out.

Us kitties were getting nervous today, mom cleans on Monday and we know just about what time she brings the "Beast" out. We start getting nervous and running to hide under her bed....she thinks we are funny after all these years to still afraid of it.

Have a pawsome week!
Rainy Week
Posted October 26, 2020 by Kelsee

Wow, since about the middle of Oct we have had more rain then we did all Summer. It's also chilly and gloomy. The sky is grey, it was raining earlier and we have no sun today.

Mom got Benny a lot of new toys for his birthday yesterday. He played with some of them and the rest of us got to play too. Ben is a nice brother and he will share.

Mom almost burned the apt down today....well, not really, but she was making a hotdog for lunch and she likes to fry them after they boil, she forgot about it and it got all black and we had smoke everywhere, mom had to open windows to get the smoke out....she also had to make a new hotdog for herself....silly mom. Good thing our dinner doesn't need to be cooked.

Have a pawsome Howloween!
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