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 September 8, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Kelsee has posted a blog: Another hot week ahead.
Hi furiends

we are in for yet another hot week ahead. Temps will be over 85* all week with some rain tonight and tomorrow. Today was 90* so we all stayed inside and mom watched TV [...]
 August 10, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Jax  - August 11, 2020 
Thinking of Angel Winston and sending your mom love and purrs.
Grammy Crew
Grammy Crew  - August 12, 2020 
We are having another heat wave this week too.
Hope you stay cool and enjoy your family.
Kelsee  - September 8, 2020 
Sept and it is all of a sudden cool. 62- right now and overcast. We had storms overniht.
Kelsee has updated their profile picture.
 September 8, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Kelsee has posted a blog: I got wet!
Good evening!

Today started out to be a very nice day. the sun was shining and mom went out to pick up her prescription and came home and took us out on the back porch. It starte [...]
 August 3, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Grammy Crew
Grammy Crew  - August 4, 2020 
Hopes you get to enjoy more time on the porch. Have a great day.
Kelsee has posted a blog: Cooler week.

This is gonna be COOLER WEEK for us. Highs only in the mid 80's til the weekend then we hot 89*. I like this new cooler weather. Makes it nice to be on the porch.

It is 74* [...]
 July 13, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Kelsee has posted a blog: So hot and LOUD!!!
Hi all

Gosh it's hot here. we have been in the 90's for 3 days now and tomorrow we will hot 97 and stay in the 90's the rest of the week. A July heatwave for sure. Some days the h [...]
 July 6, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Tate  - July 7, 2020 
same here Kelsee, thank god for central air!! The doggies get so hot when they go outside to do their business and then run right back into the air conditioned house....luckily we dont have to go outside to do our business yes
Grammy Crew
Grammy Crew  - July 7, 2020 
Same here too. Today is a little cooler but still hot one. Remi doesn't stay out long eighter. Kelsee we hopes you and your family have a great day and try to stay cool.
Kelsee  - July 13, 2020 
This week is a lot cooler. 74* right now
Kelsee has posted a blog: Poor mom is sick again
Mom is sick

Sorry we have not been around much, but mom is sick. She has gotten sick 3 times since last night. Me and Figs were in the bathroom with her and that silly boy actuall [...]
 May 18, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Chester of Catnip Island
Chester of Catnip Island  - May 18, 2020 
Sorry your poor mommy is sick again Kelsee... my mommy & I are saying prayers for her to be all better soon...
Jax  - May 18, 2020 
Sorry to hear your mom is sick Unhappy Sending lots of healing purrs.
Tate  - May 19, 2020 
hope your momcat will be feeling better soon!
King Rex
King Rex  - May 19, 2020 
We're sending your mom many hugs and purrs.
Kelsee  - July 6, 2020 
Thank you all. Mo is better now..of couse it is July now.
Kelsee has posted a blog: COLD
Hi every fur!

Today we woke up to cold again. Only 40* today, cloudy, but not too windy. So tired of this stuff. We have a freeze warning for tonight and have been told to c [...]
 May 11, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Jax  - May 11, 2020 
Hope your mom feels better soon. Stay warm!
Kelsee has posted a blog: Sunshine outside
Good afternoon

Today we have a nice day outside. Sunny and no winds. No clouds either, just a purrfect sunny day. It is 50*, That's the warmest day we will have this week,

I had [...]
 April 20, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Kelsee has posted a blog: Mom is feeling better
Good evening to all of you. I hope you are well fine and doing well. I am. My eyes are getting better and the swelling has gone down. Mom is very happy.

Mom was sik for 3 days. [...]
 April 13, 2020 - Comment - Like  
Jax  - April 14, 2020 
I'm glad she's feeling better!
Tate  - April 15, 2020 
glad things are getting betterSmile Stay safe!
Kelsee  - April 20, 2020 
me too. I hate it when mom is sick