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Posted December 20, 2018 by Kali
we had a rainy day today. Can you believe that? rain??? No snow right now, just rain. It was 42* today. They aren't predicting a white Christmas either.

Mom had to go to work today. She came home at 4:00 and said they were slow. She guesses a lot of people are getting ready to go out of town to see relatives for the Holiday's. the kids have a week off, so maybe they are leaving town.

We don't have a lot of kids around here anyway. Most have grown up and moved away. There are a few arod, but not a lot. Mom is happy about that cause she doesn't like the kids around here. They are rude and unruly.

I got my toes clipped the other day...well, my nails, not my toes. I got a fur brushing and got some mats cut out, so now I am beautiful and soft again. I don't exactly like getting groomed, but I sure do like all the attention when I am pretty and soft!

I hope you all have a Meowy Catmas with your family!
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Kali wrote at January 3, 2019
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It's warmish today we hit 39* and we had a little sun, but it was mostly cloudy!
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