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Posted August 15, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon all!

Today was home with us all day. She goes to work tomorrow at 8:am.

We got to go outside in the sun, then it got real cloudy and we thought it was gonna rain cause it was supposed to, but the clouds went away and the sun came back up. It is really humid though, so I imagine the rain might still arrive sooner or later!

Mom has been waiting all day for 2 deliveries. Our chewy.com one came and now she is waiting for Amazon to come. She had a $5. coupon for catfood for Loki's birthday and she finally redeemed it and the food is supposed to arrive today, but it doesn't seem like it will...when mom tracks the order, it is still in the same location in hazel park, and the line never moves. Oh well. Mom will call amazon and complain if she does not get it.

I came back in the house and went under the bed. it is cool under there. Mom has a big fan in her bedroom window and under her bed is always the coolest place in the house except for the bathtub.

I hope you all have a pawsome afternoon!!!
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