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Posted January 7, 2021 by Kali

Today I have an appt with the Vet. I need my yearly exam and it is time for my 2 vaccines as well. {3 yr rabies & distemper}.

It is still very cloudy outside, we have not seen the sun since early last week, but they purromised it would be tis weekend. Only 34* outside, but no snow is due anytime soon.

I did get brushed and groomed by mom. I hate being combed when I have mats. She had to cut a few out on my rear end....with long fur sometimes poo gets stuck in my fur....EWWWW!

Have a great day!
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Grammy Crew wrote at January 8, 2021
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Hope your vet visit was purrfect.
Grammy Crew
Chester wrote at January 7, 2021
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Hope your Vet visit went well Kali..I know how you feel I have long fur too & stuff gets stuck in it by my bottom too.. my mommy cleans me up then says you have a cute butt now Chester... EWWWWWWW...I get mats cut out too..Hope all is good with you..
Martini wrote at January 7, 2021
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When I lost weight I had hyperthyroid.
Now Mom gives me a pill 2x a day!
Sending purrs for Kali
Daniel wrote at January 7, 2021
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Prayers for Kali