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Posted April 4, 2019 by Kali
Hi X

Today was our Tigers Home Opener. Mom was slow at work today cause of it. The park was sold out I think. Not too sure. opening day in Detroit is one big downtown party. The Tigers beat Kansas City 5/4.

Poor Figs was so lonely yesterday, all he did was walk around the house and cry. Loki was 'under the weather'. He has an eye infection and has some medicine to put in his eye. He did not eat play or anything yesterday, all he did was sleep. Poor Figs had nobody to play with and he was lonely. None of us older cats wanted to play with him, he is kinda rough.

Today, Loki is better, he ate and even greeted mom at the door when she came home from work. His eye looks better, but not 100% yet, it was all crusty and closed, today it is just runny, but he has it open.

It is still rather chilly here. only 41* today, but the Tigers played anyway. It was supposed to rain all day, but it never did, guess everyone was happy about that cause they got the game in. Sure wish "Spring" would hurry and get here and it would warm up.

meows & purrz!!!
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