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Angel Kali
Posted April 9, 2021 by Angel Kali
Good afternoon

Our Easter was fun on the rainbow bridge. We had an egg hunt and 3 kitten and 2 puppies found a lot of eggs. We did not want to hurt anyone's feelins so we gave a prize to all of them.

Then we had a big Easter Parade and we all made floats and decorated them and joined in the fun, for the ones who did not wish to join cause they are shy, they wee lined in the streets watching. It was so much fun.

Several of us had big dinners and invited friends over to help us celebrate. I had my family over along with some of their mates who are here. Also several friends joined us.

I still have a lot of goodies left. I pass out to the kittens and puppies who love sweets. I must admit it is fun to see them eat their sweets and romp and have fun.

I did miss being with my family and having pork roast with gravy, but I had a nice time with Angels Winston, Sheba, Shadow, Jesse & Jinx.

Enjoy your week!
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