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Posted June 13, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon!

We were supposed to have rain all day today. But we had none. It was cloudy all day and only made it to 63*. They did say the rain would come later and now we are supposed to be rainy again tomorrow. Supposed to rain all weekend, so it looks like there will be no outside for us anytime soon.

I am getting tired of my baby brothers all trying to chase me. I come out to the living room to be with my mom and they wanna chase me. I hide under the bed and wanna stay there.

Nothing new so i will say so long.
have a pawsome evening
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Kibbles wrote at June 13, 2019
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We has rain too. Off and all all day long. We also had a T-storm warning. Boy did it come down. Suppose to clear off for Friday and Caturday, than chance of rain on Sunday and each day next week. I think we should consider buying a boat! Has a great evening with your family.