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partial 3 week lockdown!
Posted November 19, 2020 by Kali
Mom is on a 3 week break from work. She doesn't go back til Dec 10th. unless they extend it or create a stay-at-home order. Right now only bars, diners, movie theaters and other spots where groups gather are shut down. Diners can only do carry out or deliveries unless they have outdoor seating. {It's too cold here for that}.

It was nice having mom in bed late today, I was snuggled up with her and we were sleeping away until Figaro jumped on the bed and woke us up with his meowing. He wanted mom to get up and fill his kibble bowl.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? Mom was supposed to work 1/2 day, but now she will be home with us. She invited her bestie over for dinner cause she will be all alone, too. Mom also makes a plate for George's dad, Charlie and takes it over to him.

We got our new kitty tree. It is very soft and very cozy. Only has 2 shelves instead of 3, but we never used all 3 anyway. At any given time only 2 cats were using them.

Have a good day!
Avoided a lockdown for now
Posted November 13, 2020 by Kali
Hi all

Our Governor had a meeting with Health officials and decided not to lock down MI as yet, but has limited gatherings to 6 or less in confined places, which means diners cannot seat more then 6 at any given table. But if cases keep rising she will have another meeting and then decide to either lockdown or limit capacity to even less and make diners 30% instead of the now 50% capacity.

It is cold and dreary here today. No sunshine outside at all. Cloudy and grey and 45*. Gonna be cold and perhaps rainy all weekend. Mom only went outside to dump her garbage and came back and said it was cold out there.

I was a warm girl last night. Mom has a new electric heating mattress pad and she turns it on '4' and it warms the bed just nicely and I lay on top of it right next to her. {the label said not to allow pets to lay on pad} Can you see us not wanting to sleep with mom...yeah right...she would have 4 really mad cats if she did that. Mom said obviously the makers of the pad do not have pets.

Have a nice afternoon
Stay safe and warm!
Oppsie daisy
Posted November 5, 2020 by Kali
Today was another nice day outside. NO heat, open windows, and lots of sun. It was 68*, now it has gotten rather cloudy, but no rain is in the forecast. Not yet anyway.

Mom had to go to work today. She said it was kinda slow/steady. So she wasn't over-worked. She likes days like today best of all.

Mom worked while all us kitties stayed home and slept the day away. Well...I guess they all slept. I did anyway!

Mom bought home some meat scraps, but none for me. I sniffed and turned my nose up and went back to moms bed. kelsee ate some turkey and Loki ate some bacon.

Mom hurts. She said she fell down at work. She tripped and fell and guess what, she said she was carrying 4 coffee cups and didn't break one...mom is alright, just sore, her knee is hurting cause she fell on her knee.

Have a pawsome day. I have to get on mom's lap and make sure she is alright!
Wet, dreary day
Posted October 15, 2020 by Kali
Today poor mom had to walk to work cause it was raining this morning. She also walked home. I was happy to see her come home, she came into her bedroom to change her clothes and I jumped on the bed and wanted pets and head rubs.

It is gonna be a chilly weekend. They said we could see frost over the weekend as temps dip to the 30's at night and only low 50's for highs. As long as the white stuff stays away I am alright.

I can still sit in the window and watch the squirrels outside. They enjoy coming on our back porch and lookin in the window. I think they are looking for mom to give them some treats. Sometimes she has some to give them, but sometimes not.

Have a pawsome weenend!
Sun then rain!
Posted October 1, 2020 by Kali

Today wasn't too bad. All us kitties were home alone as mom went back to work and she is gone 3 days again. But we are so happy for her cause now she has money again and isn't under so much stress being broke.

it was a nice sunny day today and we hit 63*, then it clouded up and got wet. It started pouring rain around 3:00...thank goodness it was done before mom rode her bike home. It stopped by then.

When mom came home she found me and Figaro sleeping on her bed, Loki met her at the door and Kelsee was sleeping, Benny was sitting by the furnace heat. I guess he was cold.

I got groomed again. Mom was petting me and found another mat, so she got out her trusty kitty comb and got it out. I hate then she does that. I wish my fur did not mat like it does, but mom told me that is something a lot of long haired kitties go through.

Have a pawsome evening!
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