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Windy & Warm!
Posted April 12, 2018 by Kali

Today was quite windy, but it was finally warm. We hit 72* and had some sun with a mix of clouds. It was supposed to rain, but it never did, but they said we will not be so lucky with the next storm over the weekend, we are supposed to be in the 40's with a wet weekend.

Mom was gone all day today again and will be gone all day a lot this month, but she will be making a lot of money working so much, she said we will get new toys, treats and maybe new collars, too, but I don't wear collars cause my fur is really long and my fur gets all matted around my neck when I wear collars and you can't see them anyway.

Yesterday was the 2nd crossing anniversary of my brother Angel Jesse's crossing, Mom said it sure doesn't seem he has been gone for 2 years now., if any of you are on FB, mom posted a picture...for those not on Fb...this is the picture. RIP Angel Jesse!!!

More snow. Say WHAT???
Posted April 5, 2018 by Kali
Good afternoon

I missed mom all day today. I am used to her being home most of the week, but she does work sometimes. I always miss her when she is out working.

Today it is sunny out, but still on the windy side, but at least it is dry. We are due to get terrible weather tomorrow, The weather guy said 1-3" of snow could come. WHAT???? I want flowers, not snow.

I got groomed again. Mom brushed me out and told me how beautiful I am. I only had 1 mat she had to pull out, so that wasn't too bad. If I get groomed about once a week, it is really easy, but if mom doesn't do it all the time, then I get matty and growl when she tries getting them out.

We got a big box from Chewy today. Well, most of it was for Benny. He has a sensitive tummy, so mom buys him Science Diet for Sensitive tummy {the Vet recommended it} It is kinda pricey, but mom can get it for $4.00 cheaper at chewy....she got all of us a big jug of Party Mix treats.

Have a pawsome afternoon!
Posted March 30, 2018 by Kali
Good afternoon

Well, here we are, Easter weekend. Mom put out her Candy today in a dish, she took out her meat for Easter dinner so it will be defrosted.

Today it is chilly, but it is not raining so they are doing "Opening Day" today at Comerica Park. Yesterday it was a rain-out. Hope the Tigers win.

Mom is home with us today, but she has to go to work tomorrow and Sunday morning. She gets off Early on Easter Sunday....it is nice having mom home cause she pets us and today we all got treats.

Right now we are waiting for FEDEX to come. They are delivering us a package from chewy.com, then not only do we get the stuff in the box, we get to play in the box itself...like 2 treats in one big package. How cool is that???

Have a pawsome Easter!!!
Where did Spring go?
Posted March 22, 2018 by Kali
Good afternoon!

Well, Spring may have Sprung, but our weather is still rather cold and we have been only in the 30's, but the weather lady said by next week we will see some 40's and perhaps 50's.

I am so pretty now, I got my nails trimmed and my fur all combed and brushed out and I even had a nasty mat mom has to cut out, but I wasn't left with a bald spot, so no worries. Kelsee was jealous and she had to climb in mom's lap and paw at the comb and brush so mom had to brush too....Ummm, i told her it was my day and not hers, but did she care....nope!!! She is such a diva!

Mom cleaned our area rug today after work....she sprayed some of that 409 stuff on it and when she got home she brushed it out and it looks better now, there were 'barf' spots on the white area's and the rug was lookin kinda dirty....it is still a tad moist, but that is alright, it looks much better.

Have a pawsome day
I get a spa day tomorrow
Posted March 15, 2018 by Kali
Today was a lazy day. Mom went to work and so we were left to our own defenses today...I slept the day away and when mom came home I greeted her at the door with a meow and then I followed her to our kibble dish which was empty...I looked up and meowed and it got filled up with kibble...mom said it was full when she left for work, but hey with 4 hungry kitties in the house it will disappear.

Mom said that tomorrow I need to be groomed again...I have a small mat under my left leg and mom said if it gets bigger it's gonna hurt when she takes it out, so she wants to get it out tomorrow and then clip my claws, too...so I get a spa treatment tomorrow. I enjoy the time I spend with mom getting groomed and pampered as long as it doesn't hurt.

Have a safe and happy St Patrick's Day!
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