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Temps take a nosedive
Posted January 16, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon.

It was mild for about a week, but now it is gonna get cold and stay cold for awhile. they are calling or 4-7" of snow tomorrow into Saturday. It's only gonna be in the 20's for highs all through the weekend.

That is alright, that is outside and I am inside, so let it stay cold. as long as we have a warm house, a warm bed and food and mom to cuddle with and love, we are all gonna be fine!

Mom says she needs to 'groom' me tomorrow. She was petting me and found a few mats, so that means the comb is coming out the the brush and maybe the razor if the mat is too bad. Mom said it felt kinds small, so I might not need the razor.

We have mom home with us all day tomorrow. She said she needs to make a store run for Milk, Pepsi and Vernors though cause if the snow piles up any deeper then 5", she won't be able to get her cart through it.

I like watching squirrels when it snows cause they run and jump in it and jump way up to the trees...I saw a squirrel burying his 'cheek dinner' in the snow.

Have a pawsome night~
Flood warnings out
Posted January 9, 2020 by Kali

We have flood warnings out. Today was 45* and we have a lot of rain headed our way and they said it could cause MAJOR flooding in some areas. Hope it is not OUR area.

Mom had to work today and came home said it was busy. usually after the Holiday's places are slow cause people are broke. But not where mom works. they are busy everyday~

I was a good girl all day. Mom came home and found me laying by the heat. I guess I was cold. I was out of the bedroom and me and kelsee were laying on the same blanket. Mom has a blanket on the floor by the heat source.

I usually live in moms room cause when I come out to hang with the other cats, Loki chases me back in the bedroom. he is always picking on me and Benny and chasing us around.

Have a pawesome evening!
Our noisy NYE!
Posted January 2, 2020 by Kali

Meow---did we ever have a noisy NYE! Firecrackers, guns being shot...goodness. You would think we were at war.

Us cats hid under the bed or tub but we could still hear it, but I guess we figure if they get in the house they can't find us.

Mom worked New Years day, so we were home alone sleeping. Peaceful and quiet all day long. We all snoozed way til mom got home.

Today was a quiet day too. 39* and cloudy with some sun. No rain, no snow, but just gloomy. The wind died down too....we might have rain overnight into tomorrow.

Happy New year~
My Christmas
Posted December 26, 2019 by Kali
Good evening to all my friends. I had a great Christmas, did you? Mom got up at 10:30 and she gave us all our stockings. Mine had extra treats{I don't eat canned food}, catnip, & toys.

After we opebed our stockings, mom opened her gifts she got from friends. She did alright too. She gots a kitty blankie, a T-shirt with a kitty on it and some other stuffs.

It was 55* on Christmas, so it was very mild and today too. It was warm and sunny today. unusual for December to be so warm. But mom is happy cause we have no snow.

I will not be here again til after New Years so I want to wish all my friends a very Happy and safe New years!

Such a cold
Posted December 19, 2019 by Kali
mom says i miht be catching a cold. It has been very cold here, but i am indoors, but mom heard me sneezing and last night i sneezed on mom. She just told me "bless you kali-girl".

I sure i don't have a cold cause catmas is right around the corner now, just 5 days away. I sure don't want to have to stay in bed.

I guess kitty kolds aren't as bad as people colds. Mom coughs, and sneezes and blows her nose and feels miserable, i feel fine and even am eating.

Figaro came to sleep with me last night. He was cuddled up near mom's legs and i was by her feet. He sniffed me and then laid down. He is a nice little boy. Loki always growls and chases me. Such a brat!

Stay warm
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