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Chilly day
Posted June 13, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon!

We were supposed to have rain all day today. But we had none. It was cloudy all day and only made it to 63*. They did say the rain would come later and now we are supposed to be rainy again tomorrow. Supposed to rain all weekend, so it looks like there will be no outside for us anytime soon.

I am getting tired of my baby brothers all trying to chase me. I come out to the living room to be with my mom and they wanna chase me. I hide under the bed and wanna stay there.

Nothing new so i will say so long.
have a pawsome evening
Lots of sunshine
Posted June 6, 2019 by Kali
Today we had lots of sunshine.X But we had to wait for mom to come home from work before we could venture outside. That was fun. I laid in the sun with my tummy exposed. I love the warmth on my belly.

The boys wondered here and there, and Figs was chasing fuzzy things around the yard. They are small tiny fuzzy things that stick to everything they land on...looks like fuzzy snowflakes falling. Mom calls it 'pollen'. She sneezes a lot outside.

I got groomed again. I have my Vet apt after June 8th for my Rabies vaccine and mom wanted me to look my best. She told me if I didn't get the tangles out of my fur, the needle would get stuck in my fur...needless to say, I sat still and let mom comb me.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening!

Purrz & Pawhuggz!
So much wet drops!
Posted May 30, 2019 by Kali
Good evening

We had rain, rain and more rain today. I am not too sure why May has been so wet, usually we have all the rain in April. Oh well. It did finally stop raining when mom came home from work, but everything in the yard was wet. Tomorrow is supposed to be 77* and sunny. We can go out tomorrow.

I have to get groomed again. I have a few knots and mom doesn't want them to bet worse, so she is gonna comb them out and then clip my nails. You know I can't even wear a collar cause my neck fur gets all tangled in it.

Mom told me and Kelsee that we have to go to the V-E-T next month to get shots. I think we both need our Distemper vaccines. then I am all done for awhile. Our Vet is nice though and he always calls me his beautiful patient.

have sweet dreams.
Warmer day
Posted May 16, 2019 by Kali
​Hi friends!

Well, when we all woke up this morning to see mom off to work, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was shining all day till around 3;30, now it is cloudy as we are supposed to have rain tonight. Lots of rain in May. We usually get lots of rain in April.

Mom told me I am getting groomed later! oh boy. I hate being groomed. I tangle so easily. Mom isn't sure why my fur gets matted all the time...her other long hair kitty, Angel Shadow never had mats and her fur was longer then mine.

Mom is also gonna clean out the litter boxes cause someone went and left a smelly one in one pf them and I refuse to go in it till it is clean. Good thing for us, mom has 4 boxes here, so I found the cleanest one. us female kitties are choosy about where we go, huh???

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!!!

April is almost over
Posted April 25, 2019 by Kali
!Hi everyone

Well, April is almost gone. maybe May will be warmer. We are supposed to have a chilly weekend again. {Low 50's}. I wish it would warm up and stay warm. I like the sunshine.

My sister is not feeling good. She has not had anything to eat or drink in 2 days now. Mom is worried about her and will not allow her to starve or get dehydrated, so mom called our Vet and he wants to see her 1st thing in the morning. Mom will let everyone know how she is.

It is raining outside. It wasn't even sunny today. All we had were clouds and it was chilly. No open windows for us and mom turned the heat back on.

My crazy brothers were chasing me around today. I growled at them but they did not leave me alone. They should just play with each other and leave me alone..of course maybe they want to play to with all of us. Mom is making sure they leave Kelsee alone though.

Have a pawsome evening.

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