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Good day to sleep
Posted December 5, 2019 by Kali
Hi friends

Today was a good day to sleep. Mom was at work and it was cold out, so I got all cuddly on mom's bed and I was still there when she got home.

When mom came hoe she hugged me and pet me and told me I needed to be groomed again. As long as I don't have mats I will be alright.

Mom said she was gonna go down the basement and bring up the Christmas stuff and go through it to make sure all the lights work.

Tomorrow is moms birthday and she is going out to lunch with a friend of hers and stopping at a store, then coming home and getting the stuff out and doing laundry too. I like to help mom do laundry and I think helping her look through Christmas boxes will be fun, too.

Have a nice evening.
Happy Turkey Day
Posted November 28, 2019 by Kali
Hi Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and all your families. I hope you all have a great day with friends and family.

It is cold today. just 38* and very cloudy. Might have a rain/snow mix tomorrow. It was windy yesterday. Howling all around our building and leaves and debree were flying everywhere. Poor Figaro was trying to catch leaves flying past the window and got frustrated cause he could catch them through the glass. Silly cat! He sat on the window sill and meowed to mom.

Mom has our bird in the oven with stuffing in it. Pretty soon she add potatoes to the pan...you know diced up and cooked with the turkey..yum~ she sliced up her cranberry sauce and put it in the fridge.

Have a great day and stay warm!
A tad warmer!
Posted November 14, 2019 by Kali
today it is a tad warmer then yesterday. Mom had to go to work and she walked this morning. It was 23* and not 7* at least!

I had a bice week. I got groomed again! I really don't mid being brushed out except when I have mats and I had a frw toughies this week that mom had to cut out with the scissors. She is glad I am her only long-haired kitty.

We got treats this morning before mom left for work. She gave us all about 10 and told us to be good kitties til she came home. Of course the silly young boys got into mischief...when mom came home she had to pick up the runner from the floor that goes on the coffee table. Her phone and tablet and ink pens and glasses, etc were all on the floor along with the TV remote. Mom just "I yi yi" and picks everything up.

Have a pawsome week!
Big changes
Posted October 17, 2019 by Kali
Good evening

We are in for big changes in our weather. It has gotten cold at night. Today's high was 51* and right now it sits at 49* and it supposed to drop to about 37* tonight.

Makes me glad that mom has an electric heating pad on her bed and turns it on. Nice and cozy to sleep on. Of course she also has the rest of the cats in bed with us too. We all like that nice warm bed.

Mom woke me up this morning when she got up. She works from Thursday to Sunday, so I always get woke up early. I get to sleep in with her on Mon thru Wed.

When she came home she came right in the bedroom to change her clothes and I was waiting for her on the bed. I went over to her and she said hi and petted me and told me I was her beautiful big girl.

I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm & cozy!
2 wet days
Posted October 3, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon

We had 2 wet and rainy days in a row. Now it is finally clearing up and the sun was peeking out of the clouds. Not too much sun, but we do see blue skies coming through.

Mom said we can't go out though cause the ground is wet and so is the tent! So be it, we shall stay inside and play.

Fig is playing with his carrot and Loki is watching him. I think he is gonna try to sneak up on Fig and take that carrot. Not sure but I can see it coming.

I like when mom plays with me. She brings the feather wand in the room and puts it on the floor and drags the feather around and I get to chase it. Mom knows I won't play around the other cats so she brings it in her room for only me to play.

Dinner time now. I hear cans being open. That can on;y mean my fursibs are gonna have dinner. I never eat canned food. I only eat dry. I never ate canned food. Mom says I don;'t know what I am missing, but I never cared for it.

Have a pawsome evening!
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