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Easter on RB
Posted April 9, 2021 by Angel Kali
Good afternoon

Our Easter was fun on the rainbow bridge. We had an egg hunt and 3 kitten and 2 puppies found a lot of eggs. We did not want to hurt anyone's feelins so we gave a prize to all of them.

Then we had a big Easter Parade and we all made floats and decorated them and joined in the fun, for the ones who did not wish to join cause they are shy, they wee lined in the streets watching. It was so much fun.

Several of us had big dinners and invited friends over to help us celebrate. I had my family over along with some of their mates who are here. Also several friends joined us.

I still have a lot of goodies left. I pass out to the kittens and puppies who love sweets. I must admit it is fun to see them eat their sweets and romp and have fun.

I did miss being with my family and having pork roast with gravy, but I had a nice time with Angels Winston, Sheba, Shadow, Jesse & Jinx.

Enjoy your week!
Angel Kali
New Angels arriving
Posted February 25, 2021 by Angel Kali
The last few days we have been getting new Angels arriving. Me and my fursibs, of course were in the welcoming committee.

It will be Spring before you know it and I can't wait to get my place all cleaned up and plant flowers. I want Tulips, daffy-o-dils, and others. My sisters Sheebs and Shadow are going to go shopping with me to buy flowers and solar lights for my trees and bushes.

I have been learning lost of new things lately, like star spinning and cloud hopping and I can finally see my fursibs and mom down on earth and watch them.

I hope you all have a great week!
Angel Kali
Valentines Weekend
Posted February 11, 2021 by Angel Kali

this is our valentines weekend. My b/f is not an Angel so he has invited me to spend the weekend with him on earth. I do miss him, but I am keeping a watch on him so he knows I haven't forgotten him.

We put dangling hearts on our trees and when the wind blows they go crazy. My sister, A Shadow put heart shaped bells on her tree and they sound so pretty when the wind blows.

have a wonderful love filled valentine's Day!

Angel Kali
Angel Kali
I am still learning
Posted January 28, 2021 by Angel Kali
Hi all

I am still learning to be the best Angel I can be. I am slowly getting the hang of flying, it is rather fun. I did master the cloud sitting to watch down on my family.

It was nice being reunited with my fursibs Sheba, Jesse, Jinx, Shadow & Winston. And all my friends from the various sites I have been on. They all gave me a big warm welcome when I arrived.

Have a great day
Angel Kali
My VET Visit
Posted January 21, 2021 by Angel Kali

Well, my Vet visit did not go well at all. I lost 6 pounds, which is 1/2 my weight. he took blood, and I have obstructive liver disease. He gave me antibiotics{which I took} and has me on steroids until 2/7. 1 a day.

The steroids make me very sleepy and all I want to do is sleep. I do wake up and eat and drink water and roam around some.

Today I have been very lazy. I am up on the chair and sleeping there. Mom had to put me up on it. I can get off of things, but have a hard time jumping up. {thank you, mom}.

She is very worried about me and hopes I make it to see my 15th birthday {9/11}. I do too. I hopes to be well very soon.

Gonna go and sleep now. PLEASE keep me in your purrayers!

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