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Easter weekend
Posted April 18, 2019 by Kali

Well, I can't believe it is Easter weekend already. Wow!!! Times sure flies. Mom has to work tomorrow for 4 hours for Good Friday!!! she works from 10-2.

Today has been warm, but cloudy and windy and light rain off and on. I think we are in for a storm cause the wind is picking up out there and I think I thought I heard some boomers out there, but not very loud.

Loki and Figs are busy chasing each other here ad there and having fun. mom has 4 windows open so we can jump in them if we want....Figs jumped right into the screen, stopped and shook his head, the way he jumped, it is good we have a screen or he would be on the pavement.....he better be careful.

I got groomed again yesterday. Mom brushed me out, trimmed my nails and cut some tough mats out of my fur. I hate grooming day. I fuss with mom every time. I hiss and growl and squirm all over til she is done.


Opening day
Posted April 4, 2019 by Kali
Hi X

Today was our Tigers Home Opener. Mom was slow at work today cause of it. The park was sold out I think. Not too sure. opening day in Detroit is one big downtown party. The Tigers beat Kansas City 5/4.

Poor Figs was so lonely yesterday, all he did was walk around the house and cry. Loki was 'under the weather'. He has an eye infection and has some medicine to put in his eye. He did not eat play or anything yesterday, all he did was sleep. Poor Figs had nobody to play with and he was lonely. None of us older cats wanted to play with him, he is kinda rough.

Today, Loki is better, he ate and even greeted mom at the door when she came home from work. His eye looks better, but not 100% yet, it was all crusty and closed, today it is just runny, but he has it open.

It is still rather chilly here. only 41* today, but the Tigers played anyway. It was supposed to rain all day, but it never did, guess everyone was happy about that cause they got the game in. Sure wish "Spring" would hurry and get here and it would warm up.

meows & purrz!!!
Bright sunny day!
Posted March 28, 2019 by Kali
​Good afternoon
Wow, we have a great day here. Mom had to work, so she can't really enjoy it, but it is 63* and sunny outside. we were supposed to be rained out for the day, but it moved elsewhere I guess and I am happy. Mom opened windows and we love it. Fresh air is the best after being cooped up all winter.

Loki is sitting in the window meowing at the birds. Silly cat! they are sitting on the wires outside our window. Figgy just stares at them, he isn't meowing or anything. Loki reminds me of A Win, he used to sit in the window and 'talk' to the birds, too.

Mom is tired and achy. She said it was NOT busy at work, but mom feels her age most of the days she works now. She is not as young as she used to be and working makes her hurt. But like mom says "If I don't work, you guys don't eat". Say what??? Not eat??? OMC!!! Good thing she only works 3 days or she would always hurt.

Have a pawsome evening!

Posted March 21, 2019 by Kali

Today was only 42* and cloudy. No sunshine at all. Grey and gloomy. At least it didn't rain today.​

Mom worked. Se said they were not to busy today. She said she peeled potatoes, washed dishes, cleaned the fridge and other things. She was happy to come home though. Mom is always happy to come home to her furry family.

The place wasn't messy today either. The boys behaved themselves for a change. No plants, garbage or pictures were knocked over. Usually when mom comes home there is something askew. she was happy today.
Have a pawsome evening!

Purrz n Pawhuggz!!!
Posted March 7, 2019 by Kali
Good evening X

Well it looks like Figs will be home soon. The Vet clinic at the shelter called today and said he can come home as long as mom makes an appt with her vet for heartworm prevention.​ Or they can start him on it. They don't release animals unless they have the prevention for HW. Is this normal for shelters?

Today was cold, but not as cold as it has been. We are headed for a warm up, we will see upper 30's to low 40's next week and it will rain . It's been in the teens and windy and grey lately.

I can't wait for Spring. 14 days and counting and it will be here. Flowers blooming, birds coming back, the squirrel coming back. he's been here, but not for awhile now. I guess he's been eating elsewhere.

Our new brother, Loki sure is a pawful. He loves to run, play chase, carry toys around, leap, jump and pounce and anything else he can find to do. I growl at him. I don't want to play with him. He plays mostly with Benny and I bet once Figs is home, the 2 of them will be unstoppable..

Have a pawsome evening!

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