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Can you see me in the fog!
Posted February 15, 2018 by Kali
This week has been warmish..we are in the upper 30's to low 40's and right now it is foggy outside and raining.​...we had no sun today at all.

Mom went to work and said it was super slow again today, can you believe it, guess nobody wants to eat out right now...it's OK with mom to be a little slow, but she likes to keep busy or she will fall asleep on the job.X

mom will be home with us all day tomorrow, so I get to sit on her lap and get brushed and petted.....I love being petted and loved and I can sit with mom until pushy old Sheba decides she wants a turn.

I got to sleep with mom last night, and Kelsee was on the bed too, Sheba was sleeping on the couch for a change....Kelsee likes to be under the blankets, but I just sleep on top of them snuggled next to mom, and I snore, so mom thinks it's funny! She said it is like sleeping with her old b/f that used to snore.

I hope you have a great evening!

Purrs & Pawhuggz!!!wink
Winter Storm Watch!
Posted February 8, 2018 by Kali
​Good afternoon....we are currently under a Winter weather advisory called a warning...starting at around 3 am, we are supposed to get more snow into tomorrow...and before it ends they said 6-9"..OH MY!!! That is a lot of snow and we already have about 6" out there...good thing we are not going out in it...we would be buried!!!

Mom was gone all day and she told us all to be good cats while she gone and told Benny to look after us girls...what??? he's a baby compared to us...he's 9 and we are all over 11.....Kelsee should be in charge, she is 14....but mom said Benny is bigger and if need be he could jump on the intruder and sit on him.... We never get intruders anyway..mom is funny!!!

We have been busy putting up our Valentines pictures on all the kitty sites we are on...they look so nice.

I got my pretty fur all brushed out and got a few mats cut out...I only had a few this time cause mom caught them early enough as not get many more....I hate being groomed when I have mats!!!

Stay warm and be careful out there especially if you are part of the Winter Storm watch.

Not up to par
Posted January 26, 2018 by Kali
Hi all....Our mom is kinda sick...she is achy and sluggish, but doesn't have any other symptoms....she thinks it is this crazy weather. One day it is 30, the next day 50...you never know what you're gonna get....she is trying not to get too sick, so she has been relaxing.

My hubby had to go to the Vet and he might be needing surgery on his back legs cause his joints are loose...I never heard about this before, but he is alright for now...surgery is down the road...they have him on some kind of joint medication for now....hope it helps him some....{I posted a few pics of him}.

I am watching "CSI" with mom...well, I am cuddled on the couch with mom, she is watching it, I look at it from time to time, but I am about to get real cozy and go to sleep.​...cause as you all know, us cats sure need our beauty sleep.X
have a nice day!

Sunny & Bright
Posted January 20, 2018 by Kali
Wow..today we made it to 44* and it was sunny and the skies were blue...such a nice day for a change...tomorrow and Monday are both gonna be in the 40's but it is supposed to rain both days.

I just tried to stay away from Sheba as she hates me and Benny..she is always growling at us or smacking one of us and not allowing us to lay or sit with mom....but mom tells her to be nice and she lets me and Benny sit with her and tells Sheba no....so she just sits there staring at mom and pouting!​

You know me and Benny never bother anyone, we never meow at anyone, we just go about our day and do what cats do...but when mom comes hone we want love too, so mom has to deal with Sheba...you would think she would be used to us by now as she has been here since June of 2013.

Oh boy, time for dinner...I gotta run now...a girl has to eat!!!

A short warm up
Posted January 11, 2018 by Kali
​Hi everybody...today was 55* and partly sunny, but now the clouds are taking over and it is supposed to rain shortly...mom had to go to work today and they closed early cause they were so slow.

Kelsee is doing better today, she went 2 days without eating and all she did was sleep and she did not wish to be bothered...mom had to force water down her so she wouldn't dehydrate.....mom made an appt to take her to the Vet to see what was wrong....she ate a little dinner last night, only 1/2 her dinner....Sheba finished it.

I never get sick....I only need to go to the vet when it is time for me to have my yearly vaccinations...3 years for the rabies...so I am very lucky....usually none of us gets sick, but sometimes things happen.

I hope you have a nice evening!!!\

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