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Big changes
Posted October 17, 2019 by Kali
Good evening

We are in for big changes in our weather. It has gotten cold at night. Today's high was 51* and right now it sits at 49* and it supposed to drop to about 37* tonight.

Makes me glad that mom has an electric heating pad on her bed and turns it on. Nice and cozy to sleep on. Of course she also has the rest of the cats in bed with us too. We all like that nice warm bed.

Mom woke me up this morning when she got up. She works from Thursday to Sunday, so I always get woke up early. I get to sleep in with her on Mon thru Wed.

When she came home she came right in the bedroom to change her clothes and I was waiting for her on the bed. I went over to her and she said hi and petted me and told me I was her beautiful big girl.

I hope you have a pawsome evening!
Stay warm & cozy!
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2 wet days
Posted October 3, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon

We had 2 wet and rainy days in a row. Now it is finally clearing up and the sun was peeking out of the clouds. Not too much sun, but we do see blue skies coming through.

Mom said we can't go out though cause the ground is wet and so is the tent! So be it, we shall stay inside and play.

Fig is playing with his carrot and Loki is watching him. I think he is gonna try to sneak up on Fig and take that carrot. Not sure but I can see it coming.

I like when mom plays with me. She brings the feather wand in the room and puts it on the floor and drags the feather around and I get to chase it. Mom knows I won't play around the other cats so she brings it in her room for only me to play.

Dinner time now. I hear cans being open. That can on;y mean my fursibs are gonna have dinner. I never eat canned food. I only eat dry. I never ate canned food. Mom says I don;'t know what I am missing, but I never cared for it.

Have a pawsome evening!
Purrz & Pawhuggz!
Mom getting peeper exam!
Posted September 26, 2019 by Kali
Good evening everyone!

it was another nice day. A little windy, but sunny and coolish! We made it to 74*. By early next week we will see 80's again. No rain though!

Mom is going to get her peepers examined tomorrow. She gets headaches a lot when she reads, watches TV or spends too much time at her computer. She thinks her glasses need to be upgraded....it has been 5 years or more since she got them.

I am so glad that us cats do not need glasses. Our eyes are purrfect and we have awesome vision. We can even see in the dark. I bget humans wish they could have cat-eyes.

Mom worked today and when she came home she gave me a spritz. She got some waterless shampoo for me that smells very nice, so she sprays it on, and dries me off and I smell better. Much better to be sprayed then immersed in the tub.

Hope you have a pawsome weekend! See ya next week!
My day outdoors
Posted September 19, 2019 by Kali
Good afternoon

i got to go out yesterday. {Mom works on Thurs}. It as fun. Mom let us out earlier then normal cause we come in earlier now. I was rolling in the sun and chasing a butterfly. Of course I didn't catch it, but had fun chasing it.

Then I was munching on some weeds that are growing in the yard. They are alright weeds, kinda grassy. They grow between the cracks in the sidewalk. Mom grows us cat-grass, but we do have to wait til it sprouts and grows high enough to eat.

I got brushed out again and this time it wasn't so bad cause I didn't have any tangles in my pretty fur. Mom said that tomorrow we are all getting our nails trimmed.

Have a pawsome evening!
Gave mom a run
Posted August 29, 2019 by Kali
Good evening

After mom came home from work, she let us all go outside. It was 77* outside with clouds and lots of sun. It was very windy though. Mom thinks all this wind is from the latest Hurricane.

When it was time for us to go in, she took in the boys and kelsee cause they all eat dinner, and seeing as how I never touch canned food, she let me stay outside and enjoy he nice weather.

She came and got me at 7:15 and told me I had to come in...well, I ran all over the back yard and kept getting away from her, finally I got tired of running and laid down and she picked me up and bought me in the house.

it is hard to believe that Sept is almost here. Where did August go? Pretty soon Summer will be over and it will be time for mom to pack up her Summer stuff and we will be stuck inside all Winter.

I hope you all have a pawsome evening!

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