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Grooming day
Posted August 9, 2018 by Kali
I got groomed again. I really hate it cause my fur is thick and it gets matted easily and mom has to pull to get them out. I am all done for today, but next week I will need to be done again. Mom says it is easier to do me once a week that way I might not get so many mats.

You should have seen all the fur she had on the table. Oh my. mom said she could have built a whole new kitty and have fur left over for a kitten. She keeps threatening to shave all my fur off like a lion cut, but mom can't afford it. She has a shaver, but isn't too sure how to do the lion cut. I told mom I did not want her to shave off all my beautiful fur. Sheba and Kelsee would laugh at me.

Have a pawsome evening!
Squirrel party!
Posted June 7, 2018 by Kali
We had a fun afternoon after mom got home from work. we were out in the yard hanging out while mom was reading her novel.

We were all minding our own business when 4 squirrels came in the yard looking for snacks. Charlie feeds them apples and mom gives them whatever she has on hand.
Today she happened to have Parmesan bread bites from when she ordered a pizza, so she threw them down to the squirrels. they went nutseek anyway, they were all chasing each other around trying to see if they all had the same thing, they did, but 2 got into a little fisticuffs over it, so mom threw another piece at them, then they ran up the steps to the porch and jumped over to the roof next store...2 stayed in the yard. Mom gave them a big bowl of dirt to bury things in if they want.

It was funny watching 4 squirrels in our yard. We have never had that many all at once. So it was funny. One even walked up to Benny {thinking he was his old buddy, Winston} and sniffed his paw. Benny just laid there and slept.

Mom said we are very good cats for not chasing or bothering the squirrels. I think we have 4 new friends. 1 for each of us.
Mom is about done!
Posted May 17, 2018 by Kali
Yard is about done! Mom has been working in the yard for 3 days now and she finally has most if it done. She pulled weeds, raked out dead leaves, swept, watered the yard down, and turned her dirt for her garden, put her swing back up, bought out her BBQ grill, chairs and table...yeppers, we are all set!

Today she set up all her little outdoor critters that she has sitting around the yard and on the porch. She also put some siding in the garden to hold the dirt in so it wouldn't get on the sidewalk...not too sure if siding is right, but whatever!

My sister Kelsee has to go to the VET! She is due for everything, Rabies vaccine, checkup, weigh-in, and her distemper shot, and her eye is all puffy, so mom wants to find out why, maybe somebody {not me, I promise} swatted her in the eye and scratched it, or she has an allergy, but mom will find out.

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!
Spring never came
Posted May 3, 2018 by Kali
Hi all

Well, once again we went from Winter into Summer with just a day or 2 of Spring. It has been in the 80's for the past 3 days now. Last night the sky opened up and we had lots of rain. I heard thunder and darted as fast as I could go under mom's bed. I hate thunder, it is very loud and hurts my ears.

Today mom put a few fans in the window cause after the rain it got very humid, the fresh fan air feels good. I am laying on the floor near the fan, I can feel the ice air.

Mom went out to Aldi today for some stuff. She came home with a new Owl windchime. mom likes owls as you can tell by our profile photo's.

Well. I am gonna go and join my fursibs in a nice afternoon nap. they are all sleeping in various places around the house!

BIG BIGGZ!!!! {Kali}
Windy & Warm!
Posted April 12, 2018 by Kali

Today was quite windy, but it was finally warm. We hit 72* and had some sun with a mix of clouds. It was supposed to rain, but it never did, but they said we will not be so lucky with the next storm over the weekend, we are supposed to be in the 40's with a wet weekend.

Mom was gone all day today again and will be gone all day a lot this month, but she will be making a lot of money working so much, she said we will get new toys, treats and maybe new collars, too, but I don't wear collars cause my fur is really long and my fur gets all matted around my neck when I wear collars and you can't see them anyway.

Yesterday was the 2nd crossing anniversary of my brother Angel Jesse's crossing, Mom said it sure doesn't seem he has been gone for 2 years now., if any of you are on FB, mom posted a picture...for those not on Fb...this is the picture. RIP Angel Jesse!!!

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