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1 month to 6 weeks
Posted April 23, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon

How is everyone today? I am doing good. I got groomed and almost got my nails cut, but I kept pulling my paws away so mom gave up, besides I NEED my nails to claw LOKI when he antagonizes me.

We had rain and snow today and it is 43*...snow turned to rain once the temps got past 34*...now it is just cloudy and grey and cold.

Did you hear that 2 kitties in NY got the virus??? That is scary...could be they have owners who have it or are essential workers who bought it home.

have a pawsome afternoon
Stay safe and healthy!
2 weeks of lockup for mom
Posted April 2, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon

Well, it has been 2 weeks now that poor mom has been out of work and in quarantine. But we like or rather LOVE the idea she is home with us all day.

Mom is bored, but she is alright and at least she is NOT sick. She goes out about 2 times a month to the store for food and stuff. She orders all of our stuff online and it gets delivered.

Mom is getting her bike out tomorrow and going to our local{down the street} Kroger to get some things for Easter, she always shares with Charlie her neighbor across the hall.

Today it is 58* and sunny with a whole lot of blue skies. No rain in the forecast til next week. it's about time it warmed up some cause we sure like the sun.

I'm hoping to get out on the porch and lay in the sunshine myself. I love the sun.

Stay safe and healthy!
Happy Thursday
Posted March 26, 2020 by Kali
Another day. It is 55* here but it is cloudy with rain moving in. Typical Spring weather.

I am lounging on mom's bed. The other cats are somewhere. Sometimes Loki or Figgy will jump on the bed and join me, but not right now.

it is noisy here. The landlord has workers here working on the building. Mom said they are 'non essential' so they should not be here. This building is all older people.

Lots pf people outside working on their property. Doing lawn-work, painting, etc. Mom saw a lady washing window's yesterday.

Mine and Kelsee's new food came today. Mom ordered us some Iam's Senior Plus for 11+ cats. But right now our other bag is still half full, but mom did not want to run out. We have a lot of kitty food here.

There is a squirrel sitting on outside on the railing. he keeps looking at the back door. I guess he figures mom will feed him and she would if she had something to give him. he is digging in the flower pot.

Have a nice afternoon and stay safe!

Nice 1st Day of Spring
Posted March 19, 2020 by Kali
Good afternoon

Happy 1st day of Spring to all of you. it is cloudy today, but are headed for a high of 62*, we may get rain later in the afternoon. {It rains a lot in Spring}.

Momma was grooming me today and told me how beautiful I was. Gee, I just lay there and take it all in. I have the longest fur of all of us so I get groomed weekly. Kelsee gets jealous cause she loves to be brushed and she keeps pushing moms hand away from me. Mom does her after I am done.

Mom was gonna go to Walmart, but decided not to and ordered all her stuff online from there. Mom is NOT sick, but she knows other people don't care of they are sick or not and go out in public, mom is 66 so decided against that. her order will be here between Sunday{3/22} and April 1st.

Take care!
BIG furry pawhuggz!
It's hard to be beautiful
Posted March 5, 2020 by Kali

Mom says I need to be groomed again cause she feels mats in my fur when she pets me. How can that be? I know I mat easily. + I have to be groomed at least 2-3 times a month. I suppose as long as I don;t need a bath then it is alright.

yesterday she got 3 of the cats and trimmed their nails, she said I am next. Figaro did not want his done at all and kept pulling his paws away and he wanted to bite mom's hand.

I think it is gonna be Spring next week. On Monday it is supposed to be 58* - 63*. Wow, maybe mom will open some windows for us.

Have a pawsome evening!
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